Thanks to all that saw my post for prayers..

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    because the prayers that have been said, have been answered. I wasn't going to take my sister to see the place before we moved her tomorrow. She was already so upset that I thought it may be too much worry for her. Well, it was a busy day, getting some paper work done...more tomorrow I understand. Then I thought I was home for the rest of the evening, when it came to me, to take her to see this new home. I can't begin to tell you how well it went. She was surrounded by the other very loving "special" people there. Not only the employees, but the sweet sweet spirits that live there. Now, you have to know Lisa. She loves attention...( I mean who doesn't) but she really likes it, and she's a very loving and huggy person herself. So, as we are on our way out the door to go home, she says, sis, I love it! She made a friend already! And, I'm actually feeling ok. We weren't quite sure how it was going to work out trying to move what little she had to move, a dresser, shelves, chair, and t.v. blankets, and clothes. Well, next thing we know, the place she's going into, offers a truck! We will be able to make the move in one trip, and I won't be lifting anything heavy because a couple of men will meet us there and help my husband! I think I'll do ok tomorrow too. I'll come home and rest as Tig suggested, take it easy the rest of the weekend! :) Thank you so much,
    Love, Cynthia
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    I LOVE TO HEAR GREAT NEWS LIKE THAT!!!! I am so happy that things worked out so well and that she like the place so much. I am so happy that the place is sending over a truck and men to move things (don't forget to label the TV and her chest of drawers, so there is no mistake she owns them and they don't get moved out of her room. This is such happy and great news and I am so pleased.
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    This is such wonderful news!!! I just was praying for your sister last night, and then to come here and see how God has provided a place where she feels happy, and safe, and at home.

    I am so rejoicing! Praise God!