Thanks to all the sweet words....

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    who responded to me about my husband leaving. I knew this was the place to be able to hear that I am not alone and what all everyone else has to deal with.

    Someone made a comment about making this into a guy/girl thing, that is not something that I don't like to get into, can be VEEERRRYYY messy! I do know that there are "good guys" out there too! One of my life long best friends is a guy! He has been there for me so many times thru out my life! I just happen to be with the wrong guy!

    Four years ago he(soon to be "X") had gone through his own bad health period, 2 herinated disc and back surgery. I was there the whole time for him. In fact while he was in the hospital for 8 days (he had some complications) I was there waiting on him the whole time and I was on crutches! I had sprained my ankle 2 days before his surgery, and the staff there at this location were horrible! Then there was the very long recovery time at home! I sure don't miss those days!

    Now...don't get me wrong here! I am not saying that I am perfect either, I do have one OR two faults of my own. (hehehehe.....) Specially lately! I know that when I have my super-duper pain days I can be a real SHE-dog! But I can honestly say that I would never leave my spouse just because they became ill or whatever! I am not that type of person! But I know there are many who are just like that and I just so "lucky" to have been married to one!

    Anyway, thanks again for all the nice thoughts and prayers! I will keep all in my prayers also!