thanks to all who answered my mess.about oxycontin-or patch

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by nje, Jun 30, 2003.

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    most everybody that answered me were really helpful,and made me feel better about choosing the oxycontin instead of the patch. i am feeling much better since i`ve been on it for all of 3 days. my doctor is a very reputable man that is in an association of internal medicine. he knows a drug,good before he prescribes it.he said oxycontin was a timed release formula of different pain meds,like percocet,something similar to morphine and a couple of other meds,i can`t remember what all he said it had in it,but he has me coming back in 2 weeks to check me,see if i need a larger dose,he started me out on 20 mg.twice daily. i`ve had some breakthrough pain today,nothing really bad.all in all i feel like a different person,and not one whose nodding off in a seat or a car.i wouldn`t take anything like that,if it did me that way. also someone wrote and said the had never taken a narcotic before for pain,well obviously she has never ever, experienced the horrible pain that i have had for 2 years now,i took all of the lesser strength meds and for a little while they helped,but when i got to the point of having no quality living in my life, i went on narcotics gladly. i`m not old enough to have to spend all my life in bed,and watch my son and husband going and doing without i am up,feeling better than i have in a while,i am going out to supper,also something i haven`t been able to do in a while. call me a junkie,or whatever you want,i`m not going to try to be a martyr and suffer it out,just so i can say i haven`t taken any narcotics for my pain. i think i speak for most of us on here about that;its not the path i would have chosen for myself being on narcotics just to be able to get up and move and live a better quality of life;but i have a chronic disease that i`m going to have till i die,so i want to live what remaining time i have on this earth as usefully and as pain free as i can be.also if my doctor leaves his practice for 1 reason or another, there are about 12 other doctors in that association,and they would take up where he left off,because they`re all good doctors ,i`ve been going to them 10 years.also 1 person asked did i just go for a yearly physical only,that day yes,but i see 2 other doctors and him regularly, trust me i see doctors more than my family almost,lol well sorry i got longwinded but i had to get a few things off my chest. thanks again for answering my question. (((hugs to all)) nje
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    I am so happy for you. Never, never, ever even think about being an addict. You are someone with chronic pain and have a legitimate reason to take opiods. Be happy for yourself and consider yourself lucky that you have so many good and educated docs.

    Love, Mikie