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    I really appreciate every word said. Every time I have to tell my boys good bye it feels like someone is stealing a big piece of my heart from me. It's difficult knowing that they won't be with their dad. I allowed them to decide if they wanted to come live with me now or wait and finish their school year at their school. It's hard knowing that they will be living with their step-mom. They are old enough to decide for themselves. The last thing I want to do is to bring any more changes or stress on them. I know that she loves them and she will take care of them until school gets out. It's just hard for me to accept all though I truely understand. My only desire is that my children are happy. I know that they are the ones who are hurting the most and losing alot, having a big life style change. I'm just sadden because they are having to grow up too fast. I know they love their dad. They have never gone without him for such a long period of time. I feel that being teens they need to be with their dad. He has done a great job molding them as young men but now that they are teens they will be facing so much more and needing their dad's guidance. I'm sorry for going on and on. Thank you all for your prayers for my family. Please keep my children and my x husband in your prayers. Pray that the Lord will bring him home safely to my boys. Pray that while he's gone that he may touch someone's life, that he will continue to serve the Lord.

    lots of love