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    It is just me again. I want to thank everyone here who took the time to acknowledge me.
    I am not sure the cold I think could be a combination of meno plus fibro. So could the hair loss. LOL
    Oh well all the less hair to take care of.
    As for the breathing well I forgot that this time of the year I really need to take my asthma spray and also I have been quite stressed out lately...Waiting and waiting for money from disability. I think it is more the asthma though and un fortunately I should consider not smoking even if I do use a filter that takes the nicotine and tar out of the ciggie or maybe it is the filters and they really are filtering the bad stuff and it is withdrawl.
    Just to let you all know. Thanks again..Your right this is a good place to be so think I will stay here..Rosie
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    Glad you found help and friend's here. This is a great place to be.

    It's nice just to be able to vent to people who understand, that alone help's me when I feel alone and stressed.

    Stopping smoking would definately be a good thing.:) If you are interested there is a "quiter's" group on here somewhere.

    You can type that in search and the post's should come up.:)