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    I have been goimg through the wordt flare up yet, and my son has been posting and keeping me posted for a day or so. But i wanted to do this one myself before i go to the doctors today.

    If it hadn't been for this board, i might have gone nuts. But because of all of the wonderful people here willling to share their expereinces and the things that have helped and thaat have not, it has made my life a little more easier.

    I am one of the lucky ones who has a dr, who knows a lot about this DD, but of course not everything, so everytime i go in i get to give her new ideas to try with me and her other patients, and when she finds out new things, i will pass them on to you.

    I just wanted to sau thanks for all the info given directly to me and indirectly, you all have been a God send.

    God bless you all, and here is to less flareups, and to one day a miracle drug, but until then here is to the miricles of our faiths that keep us going day byb day, and here is to this wonderful sanction of this board and all who visit.

    with all my painful love and brst wishes for all of us.