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    Wow, was pleased to get replies, thanks for taking the time out. I tried Prozac and stopped it after 5 days, it slowed my heart down to 60,am usually 80 - 90,i couldn't do anything. Then i got sick,a bad cold and cough so have been off the pc and everything else the past week. Now have to return to my doc and ask to try something else.
    I have a feeling it will be very hard for me to find an anti dep to suit me as i am hyper sensitive to drugs. I know that some people take anti deps for years and just keep taking them, i wonder what they would be like if they stopped it for a while.I don't like anti deps as they change my personality,it is not the best thing for FM,docs prescribe it as they have nothing else. It also turns us all into zombies and we carry on quite happy,which is what the medical profession wants,to shut us up.