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    to all those who replied to my post about my hubby leaving and my mother being sicf, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Things are still about the same though. Hubby still insists he loves this other woman. I've been being really nice about it now that I've gotten all the rage, anger, hurt and other emotions out of the way.

    I even called and asked her out to dinner with me and hubby so we can talk about the kids. I think I'm killing them with niceness.

    The good thing is, me and hubby are getting along better than ever. But, I don't know if he decided to stay that I would let him now after what he's done. I just don't know.

    It hasn't been easy. I told him that if this is what it takes for him to realize he loves me and needs to stay, then it would be worth it and may bring us closer. But, I just don't know if I'd want to take a chance on him hurting me ever again or not.

    I never expected this from him in the first place and it may never happen again, but I couldn't take that chance to have to go through the kind of pain I went through the first time.

    So, again, thanks to everyone who replied. It sure made me feel good.