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    Tom: I really knew all along my family's safety comes first, I was just hoping for some other way; I've informed my aunt that I must think of everyone's safety and am taking it from there; I really believe the dog will have to be euthanized in the very near future; I took her to the vet today and he suggested (very strongly) just that or find her another home, but who wants a biting dog? Luckily, she's never broken skin, but that's no reason to keep her; when I got home from the vet's, my aunt was in tears and had been desperately looking for the dog. I'll be speaking to the doc's office tomorrow about something to help her deal with the dog's "sudden disappearance." I have no qualms about putting the dog to sleep; I just know it's my aunt's only link to her past life and the only thing she truly loves in this world; Her husband abused her for 55 years;(physically for the first several years of their marriage, then just emotionally and mentally the last thirty or so.)and Molly, the dog, was her only source of love; it's true, I've sacrificed a lot to care for my aunt (and my mother, with Parkinson's), but she doesn't know she's sick and thinks she could go home anytime; even hopes to; My uncle just died 12-2 and my aunt thinks I'm just having her here temporaily, till we get her business and health care all in order; even though I did try, at first, to make her understand. Well, thanks, Tom for your input; it helped me to confirm what I already knew and dreaded; Just needed someone like you to say it. Sharon
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    ...that we play in the lives of the ones we take care of, is a thankless position that we have to fill. If only life was simple, of course, what we as caregivers think as simple is a chore to people that don't have the responsability of takeing care of anybody but them selves.

    It's not that our lives are thankless all the time, it's just that sometimes it feels that way. That is when we need a break, with all the people lined up outside our front doors waiting to help, getting a break should't be a problem(LOL) Tom