thanks vitamin d do not know what levels were? she also said 1500 calcium

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    thanks for all info on vitamin d, do not know the levels but that was one of the blood test she wanted right away, also the right amount of calcium. My mother had osteporosis and i am 5ft 8 inches but small bones. I did not realize the calcium would not work unless you have the right amount of vitamin d, she wants to check me in 2 months. This is a first for a doc to want to test for a vitamin deficiency. Wonders will never cease. Jam do you think i should go over 800 iu. a day? Go ahead and do what she says right now.
    just checking i knew you took it i could not remember how much. I guess i could call and find out my levels. What is normal and what is not i would not know.
    Thanks again