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    Nice to see a positive attitude towards this protocol.

    I have had two visits to the office thus far. I'm on Nystatin, Diflucan and just started T3 today. The die-off is difficult, but I'm willing to hang in there till it gets better. Sounds like I'm needing to take the full amount of charcoal and see if that makes a difference. I've been only taking half of what was reccommended.

    Would you mind sharing how soon you started to feel better after starting these 3 perscriptions? My energy level has been very tapped and I'm anxious to know how long I'll be needing to be near a restroom at all times.

    I have become more sensitive than normal to the sun and heat triggering day and night sweats. I am taking something (from Dr. Powell) that is suppose to help with night sweats, but so far they haven't diminished. Can you relate to any of this?

    I appreciate your imput. I also know of two other people seeing Dr. Powell. We all have high hopes and it will be most interesting to track all of our results.
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    Lolo, if you're concerned about the die-off reaction you're experiencing, I'd recommend talking to Dr. Powell about it--either at your next visit or by phone. (I've had phone consultations with Dr. Powell or Michael on several occasions, and they were always prompt in returning my calls and willing to give me some advice.)

    Your body may be having difficult adjusting to the medications. When I first started one of my antibiotics (amoxicillin or doxycycline--can't remember which one it was), I experienced severe dizziness and diarrhea. I called, and Michael told me to reduce my dosage for two weeks, see if my dizziness went away, and then try going back to the original dosage. I did so and have been fine on the full dose.

    I started feeling better within a month of starting to see Dr. Powell. However, I had already been doing an anti-yeast diet for a little while with some benefits, so perhaps I had a head-start. Also, I already avoid a lot of the things he wants you to avoid--like coffee, alcohol, smoking, etc. And I had already made a lot of lifestyle adjustments so that I could rest when needed. So, all of these things--plus the fact that I'm relatively young--may have affected how soon I felt a positive effect from Dr. Powell's treatment.

    Nevertheless, I have had some very bad days since seeing Dr. Powell. The general trend, however, is toward improvement, which give me a lot of hope. Before Dr. Powell, I was steadily getting worse overall.

    I am also sensitive to sunlight, but it's a side effect from one of my antibiotics. What you're experiencing sounds different, and I'm not being treated for that particular issue, so I don't really have any advice on that. Again, be sure to bring it up with Dr. Powell. He may have had other patients with similar experiences.

    Occasionally, for whatever reason, what works for almost everyone else won't for you. In my case, the B-12 injections were making me feel terrible. With nearly everyone else, it makes you feel better quite soon. This surprised Dr. Powell, but he took me off it right away.

    About the charcoal--they tell you to take an incredible amount of it. I've found that for me, it's easier to take it in powder form. I mix about a rounded spoonful into water and gulp it down. Some people would hate this, but for me it's easier than swallowing so many pills. (If this sounds interesting to you, I had a really hard time finding powder charcoal in the Sacramento area, so I finally had my mother mail me some. I'm sure you could find some online.)

    Oh, another thing: It seems we're doing the protocol in a slightly different order. I'm not on Nystatin myself (unless that's the same thing as the Nyzoral spray), and I didn't start T3 until quite recently. In the beginning, I started on the supplements and Diflucan, then added my antibiotics (one at a time), then oxytocin injections, then finally T3.

    I also remembered that the lady I mentioned who was not doing the charcoal (and feeling worse) also decided not to follow the dietary guidelines for the anti-yeast/mold diet. I think this could also be a reason why she isn't doing better. Personally, I can feel it within a day or two if I've slipped and eaten something I shouldn't.

    Anyway, I hope this is helpful to you and that you'll be feeling better soon. I'm very curious to know how you and the others do on this treatment too, so please do keep us posted. Perhaps every month or so, one of us can start a thread "For Dr. Powell's patients" so that we can all update each other and see how we are doing.

    Take care!

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