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    You all are great. If I start mentioning names I will leave someone out and I don't want to do that or hurt anyone. I read your prayers and printed them out for my journal. You all make me cry. Which I guess is something I need to do. I love you all so much and thank you for not making me feel so alone. So I went to the doc this morning. He doubled the prednisone. I just came down on it. So now my body is back to being screwed up. I bought sugar free Baskin and Robbins Chocolate Chip Mint candies to help with the sugar cravings. Still no word from the pain specialist. Call him back was told he is away until Mon. They will check with one of the other docs and call me back. It is now 3:15pm and I am still waiting. I am so sore. Took the mtx. today so hopefully there should be some improvement by tommorrow.
    My joints are the color of my sweater. Just call me the lady in pink. I am so sorry that you all aren't feeling well. I hope it isn't what my mother used to call sympathy pains. Please take care of yourselves and we will get through this together. We have overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony. The Book of Revelation ch. 12. We have an unshakable unmovable bond. God knows our hearts and is watching over us that gives me great comfort. Pepper I am sitting here with my sunset e-card and MY JESUS I LOVE THEE playing. Yes I am bawling to it. Wishing you all were here to listen to it. Again love ya, thank you and blessings on each one.
    Love ya
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    Just wanted you to know I have been praying for you big time. I couldn't leave you a message because my comp. keeps disconnecting, but that couldn't stop me from praying.

    you have a really treasured place in our hearts, and we love you!!!