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    Thanks to everyone who wrote back to me. No, I don't have a pet. All I do is try to wake up in the morning (it can take an hour), eat some of the boring few foods that I "can have" that may or may not really be safe for me, read a little, and then it's night and I have to try to sleep again. It makes me think I'm a boring person. It's tough to be positive.

    I live up in Canada. We moved here a... well I guess it really has been a year now. But with the CFS I really haven't gotten to meet people or see the town I'm in, except the road between here and the dentist.

    I really wish I could get better. I've been doing natural remedies, vitamins, herbs, etc. I haven't gotten an allopath to try yet. I had one when I first got sick, and it was awful comming back to him each week, getting sicker just from the effort of comming there, and get nothing from him except a lot of tests that came back "normal". In my more nervous moments I think I should make the effort to find a new allopath and get more testing done, rule out anyhing else. I don't think anyone can understand what it's like to have so limited energy if they're not living this way. Like, just to make a simple phone call can take weeks to get to.

    Take care everyone.