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    thanks to all that responded to my neck pain. I'm a survivor of breast cancer(2003) then in 2005 they found that part of my lung was dead, so they removed it and following that in 2006, i had a massive stroke. I have just been diagnosed with FM. they have me on 60mg. of cymbalta in the am and i take 10mg. of flexeril at night. i have ony 4 more years of teaching . I am only 54 and feel like 80!!!!!! i do okay during the day, but at night i looked like i'm body has gone through H---, but i'm a fighter. my doctor can't believe i'm back at work. I have a wonderful husband who helped me recover from the stroke. it took 5 months of really hard work. thanks for listening. i'll take any helpful hints!!
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    ((((((((((((( hugs ))))))))))))) you sure are a fighter.