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    Thanks for all your help and suggestions. I broke down and got a massage today. I went to bed last night after i posted and slept for one hour, so i got a big two hours of sleep and was miserable. It was my first massage and it was great. She gave me some tips, and knew a lot about FM. Her teacher in school had it so she said she learned more about it she thought than the average masseuer. It was a lot cheaper than the ER. I decided that i would try that and then if i was still in pain, then i would go to the ER. I think i will probably start going to her every couple of weeks. I went home and took a nap. I am still hurting, but not as bad. Something odd is that after my massage my boyfriend before would massage my shoulders and it was numb, i wouldnt feel anything and i just thought he wasnt doing it hard enough. But after i had it done professionally he did it again and i could now feel it. Can tight muscles not get circulation like they need to? Does anyone else have that happen? Anyone ever heard of Biofreeze? Does anyone like Tiger Balm?

    I will definitely try the Epsom salt and peroxide thing. I feel sort of bad because my birthday was this week and my boyfriend was looking forward to taking me out to dinner tonight, but there is just no way i can if i am to work Monday.

    I saw my new doctor only once so I don't know about changing. I was impressed with her sort of until i called her when i had my latest muscle spasm. I have gone to just about every PCP in Little Rock, and am running out of doctors. If she will not give me anything for pain though I will tell her to refer me to a pain specialist though, that is a good idea.

    Someone mentioned taking Xanax, I take 1 mg when I need it, and have for years. Well when i saw her she told me in no uncertain terms that she did not believe in it and would not refill it. She instead gave me Hydroxyzine. She said it was too addictive and that i didn't need it. I was like, okay, this sounds sort of odd, especially since you don't know me and don't know how often i take it and don't care to know and don't know why i take it.

    Secondly, I would like to have some type of a narcotic pain killer, the only problem is that i have some sort of strange reaction to Hydrocodone, Percocet, and to some degree, Darvon. The reaction is hyperactivity. The pain will go away for a short while, but i can't relax and my mind will start racing and i will just get up and start cleaning house, do a million things, talk really fast, and just act very odd and feel like everything is just wonderful and everyone is wonderful, sort of euphoric. Meanwhile the pain comes back and i am still running around like a fool. Then i come down and am just hateful to be around. I would definitely be willing to try something else though, if given the chance!

    Thanks so much for all your suggestions. I was at my wits' end, and am glad i finally found some people i can talk to who will listen to me. I feel i am among friends :)


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    I am glad you found relief with the massage. I justed wnated to mention that I use Tiger Balm several time a day. I am probably keeping them in bussiness!!!! It works wonders for me, exspecailly at bedtime. I do find that it does not work on my feet though, I wonder if it's because the skin is too thick.

    I was getting Cranio Scacral (SP?) massage. It is massage of the head and neck and it is amazing. This is where most of my pain is and when I go get my massage the effects last for days!

    About the narcotics, I have been taking MS Contin for 6 weeks now and it has freed me! I had a few side effects at first, nausea and hot flashes but they went a way within a week. You may feel a bit stoned for the first few days but that goes a way too. The only side effects I have now is muscle twiches when i'm going to sleep, oh and constipation. This drug is great my pain level had gone from 8-10 to 5-6. My DR says we can probably get it down to a 3-4 in a few months by adjusting the dose over time.
    My husband says he notices a big difference in me. I to feel like I can finally get on with my life and not be constantly focused on my pain. Yeah!!

    I hope this helps and welcome to the board,
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    Since you do have Xanax, when the pain is very bad, take a low dose of the Xanax, half an hour later take an Advil gel capsule (OTC) I take just one Advil, but the bottle does say you can take two.

    This is a quick fix for pain, but you know that it can't be done frequently.

    I got this information from; Devin Starlanyl's book, can't remember which one now, she has three out. It was the first one I think.

    The Xanax will stop that 'racing brain' you mentioned, thats what I take it for once a day.

    Hope this helps.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    ...who absolutely hate xanax because of its addictive possibilities. It certainly is a miracle drug and since your dr would know if you were misusing it, it seems silly for her to refuse to prescribe it. What is hydroxyzine? Maybe it will work as well.