Thanksgiving was good good but I am so tired

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Nov 25, 2005.

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    We are a good dinner and had fun watching my middle daughter get aquaitned with her nephew .This was her first time to see him as she left to be a nanny before he was born in march. It was so cute to see them to gether and he is now 8 months old and is a mommy's boy and he would start to cry adn she would just take him and have him in smiles in minutes. My other SIL had him giggling so hard that we didn't know if he was laughing or crying.

    The day went to fast for us. Mandy will be here till sunday and then we won't be seeing her till christmas.

    I didn't know that it was so hard to see your kids grow up and moveon with their lives. It is wonderful to have the grandbabies and SIL's but to see that my babies are now mommies is harder than I thought it would be.
    They go to their own home , once again I am alone . No longer to they need me for the hugs and kisses and to help them find they way in life. they have their own lives now and they are the ones that are livinnng it and doing the things that adults to.

    I know I am not all alone but life is so much different with out children. When they are small you are the world to them and with out you they would not survive. But as each year passes they find out that they can do things one their own and they need me less and less. I remember each day they came in to the world and what they weighed and what color eyes they had. I remember the day the walked for the first time talked for the first time, I remember it all as if it were just yesterday.
    But it was so long ago. As I look back I see the most beautful daughters and feel that love I have for my babies now grown women.

    Now i will go on with my husband who is not as much fun some day s but he dies try hard to understand the problems that have now creeped in to my life. When once it was a child hurting now it is I and as much as I hate that I hurt I know that it will not go way. Oh how i wish it would I am so tired of hurting all the time and sleeping when I should be awake and being awake when I should be sleeping..

    But even with this pain that makes my life not so fun or plesant. I am alive and watching my girls becomes wives and mothers and I married the best man I know, I had the best IN laws that anyone could ever have and it was a sad day when they left this mortal life and went on their way to Live with Heavenly Father.

    Now as I live with the pain that this dd gives me I must learn to live with it and deal with it's up' and downs. I hate eachmomente that it causes me great pain even that small nagging pain that won't go away I don't want it to be with me. I want to live and to walk with my grandsons to play with them as they grow up.

    OH how I want to be normal and not to be in pain anymore. I wonder why me? But then why you too there is nothing we have done to have this pain and fatique but we do.
    I am happy and sad today but I am ok and I have had a good two days but I am so sleepy and should bein bed.

    But I could not let this day of thanks go away with out telling you how bleesed and thankful I am for you all for your concern for me and for all who come here for help, I am thankfull for this site andall they do for us.

    There are thinkgs that I still struggle with like I really don't like to take pain pills fut if I don't I don't move so well and I don't like it when people tell me that I am addicted to the meds or that I am a drug seeeker becasue I am not. I am dependant on the meds i take to help me live my life and yes it would be great if I didn't need them but I am so thankful that I have them.

    I wil be back and some days it will be in tears from the pain and fatique. And I know that you will be here to help me though it.

    LOve , Rosemarie
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    I went to my son and DIL's for Thanksgiving dinner. I was so tired through the whole meal. I came home early and fell asleep the rest of the day and all night. A while after being up in the morning I laid down AGAIN and slept. My DH told me that I kept wimpering and flinching and moaning in my sleep. So he said he knew that I was really hurting.

    I am so lucky to have my family that cares. But I also feel bad about me when I am like this. Sad for them also.

    But we have our ups and downs. I also miss my young children and I am proud of the adults they have became. I tyr to keep a good attitude as that is something I can instill in them. Life has its ups and downs and if they ever go through such as we do, even if not the same, maybe they will keep a stiff upper lip and make the best of it.

    We never stop being a parent or teaching them, even if just by example. GENTLE HUGS.........

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