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    This is not funny, more thought provoking.


    Most Thanksgivings I spend alone as kids are grown and live far away. The youngest will be in Afghanistan this year. He is out of the military now but the only good paying job he can find is with the war contractors so he is back in the middle east yet again. My hubby works this Thanksgiving but at least it is time and a half. The kind of trucking that he does, doesn't pay overtime pay it is all straight time so this time and a half will help us out a lot.

    What are you all thankful for?

    Holiday pay.

    I am thankful that even if we can't be together we at least all are safe.

    I am thankful that I don't have to cook a big dinner unless I want to. I usually do the turkey so I can have leftovers for sandwiches.

    I am thankful for shelter and food.

    I am thankful for my Mom. At 90+ she is a real blessing to all those around her.

    I am thankful that my sister got a new house in a nice neighborhood and is out of the Detroit areas dangerous neighborhoods. She is so happy since moving.

    I am thankful that it started raining again and it looks like this winter will be more promising for rain.

    I am sure I could think of more if I spent more time.
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    Great cartoon, Willow. It illustrates that our viewpoint a) frequently changes, and
    2) is of great importance.

    Well, let's see. I'm thankful for my comfortable bed. Bought a new mattress
    5 years ago, and it's still in great shape.

    I was thankful when I was working because I found work was easier than
    going to school. In school you have to constantly learn new stuff. At work
    things quickly become routine.

    Now I'm thankful I don't have to work anymore, because I couldn't do it
    if I had to.

    I'm thankful that I have all the money I need. My only income is social
    security, but it's enough (and some left over at the end of the month).

    On the one hand my health is wretched. On the other, it could be worse.
    I could be paralyzed like poor Christopher Reeve

    I'm thankful to Pro Health for the board. All my social life is here.


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    I too am thankful for the board.
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    Hi Kids

    If you go to the above site you can see a wonderful Normal Rockwell
    painting titled The Homecoming. It was a Saturday Evening Post
    Cover in 1945 or 1948. Different sites have different dates. I think
    it is suitable for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

    At the request of his brother Gordon is making the green bean hot dish
    that is ubiquitous this time of year. I am so old I remember when it
    was new. It was the year I was a sophomore in High School: 1955.

    Ike was President. McDonald's was new. A galleon of gas cost a quarter,
    and Salk's polio vaccine prevented thousands of new cases. Coke first
    appeared in cans. Elvis signed with RCA, James Dean died and Disneyland

    Momentous times.
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