thankyou all for your help

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    just wanted to say thankyou for all your good advise. i will definetly try the box thing. i know that my oldest son plans on having a talk with my son in law. there was a alot of great advise. saw my therapist today and she gave me just about the same advise. i know that the stress level has to come down. but i have a big heart, and can't seem to say no. i am learning it is difficult.
    ps diva, get rid of the boyfriend, if you haven't already.
    as every one tells me take care of your self first. easier said than done i know.
    i don't have husband he left 4yrs ago. when things strated to go bad, my health. said he couldn't handle it. found out he was having an affair. now married to her. hope she doesn't get ill.
    ps. thanks to all and i will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.