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  1. MamaDove

    MamaDove New Member

    It's all CAPS cause I am yelling so you will all hear me...

    I am having a really bad pain day...One like never before...But I come to this board and here you all are ready, willing and some able to post replies immediately to those in need...

    I never post about needing things much, I tend more to want to help others who have experienced some of the same things, therefore we learn from one another and we can help one another get through the toughest times...

    But I KNOW that when I come here, there are all of you wonderful people who know EXACTLY how I feel...Just knowing someone is there is the biggest help when you suffer like we do...

    I am barely holding my head up and my limbs have gone numb but my willpower is overriding that so I can say this to you all...


    Words cannot begin to truly express how much this board means to me...If I say "It has saved my life", that may not be an exaggeration...I believe it just may have...

    I am going to try to lie down for a bit, every time I have today I have felt much worse...This neck and back of my head are KILLING me, but I'm still gonna fight it...

    Ya know what FMS should stand for...FibroMyalgiaSucks!
    Anyone for bumper stickers?

    Peaceful days ahead, for all of us~Alicia
  2. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    I like that Alicia!!

    Hope you are feeling better sweetie.. try and get some rest.. Gentle hugs!
  3. Redwillow

    Redwillow New Member

    Hugs Alicia I know how you feel. The support here is wonderful. I am sorry you are feeling so awful.

    You make the bumper sticker and I will buy it.


    hugs Marion
  4. leubie

    leubie New Member

    Alicia-----hi my name is Laura-----im so sorry you are feeling so horrible----------------i do not post alot-------------reply some --------but read alot--------YOU are always soooo sweet and helpful to everyone----------i hope we can help you-----------please try and rest--------ive had some terrible flares before-------they are not any fun !!!!!!---------i love the idea of bumper stickers we will have some real good ones!!!!!!!!!!!!TAKE CARE AND FEEL BETTER------LOVE TO ALL---------LAURA------------OH--------PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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