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    I just joined yesterday and I want to thank those who wrote back to me. Knowing somebody cares helps alot. When I was sent back to the Rheumatologist by my neurologist when I was having alot of pain in my legs 2 months ago, I felt so depressed after I left. He has had me on Ultracet for pain and told me he had already diagnosed me with FM, what more did I want from him. I drove 160 miles to be told that, I will never see him again that's why I am looking for another doctor. I don't need to be treated like this. What happened to a little compasion? I went to my neurologist today because I am losing the feeling in my feet and was told I have Polyneuropathy. It's just another depressing thing after another. Thanks for listening to me when nobody else will
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    I am sorry to hear how your doctor treated you. It can be very hard going from one specialist to another. I always get my hopes up whenever I go to someone new and then it is just another let down because it doesn't seem like I ever get anywhere.
    Hang in there.
    Good luck, Vicky
    PS Welcome to the board!!