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    I am new here, so most won't know me. Marcia posted a response to me on the depression board and I'm very greatful for that. I won't type up another long post so if you want to read about my problem, it is on the depression board. Anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks again to Marcia for letting me know there was a worship message board.

    Happy New Year,
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    Welcome to the Worship Board.

    There are alot of great people on this board.

    Many Blessings to you, Judy
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    Hi Tony, I am so glad that you came to the Worship board!!!
    All the people on this board love the Lord and know that
    there is power in prayer. I read your post on the Depression Board and can feel your hurt.
    " Dear Lord, please touch Tony and his family,you said that whatever we ask in your name that you will answer our
    prayers. We ask now for peace and love for Tony and a greater understanding of your word. We ask this all in Jesus name ! AMEN Shirley

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    So glad to see you here. I pray you find many wonderful new friends here and a lot of information and support.

    You sure have been through it in your tender 27 years. My heart breaks for you. Yet you sound very upbeat and I can tell you really love your wife and children. How old are they and are they boy/girl?

    I agree with you that sleep deprivation can cause all kinds of problems and make the ones we already have much worse. I hope your body is starting to normalize a bit now. Depression has its own sleep challenges.

    So for now you feel that not working is best for you. I know my hubby, as I mentioned, struggles so with working and always has. He's in the midst of looking for a job again now. How is your wife doing with your not working. Is she ok with the situation? I'll pray that as you look into your FMLA that God will guide you and that things will go smoothly.

    May I ask, what did your wife go on pain meds for originally? We have a lot of people on pain meds here due to the fibromyalgia pain. There's a lot of knowledge here about such things. And a lot of support.

    I'm sorry you were disappointed or possibly hurt by the church you were involved with. But I must tell you that most christians, if they've been christians for very long, have some story to share like yours. As I said, it has to do with everyone involved being human. The challenge when this happens is to not let it interfere with your walk with the Lord. Since that happened have you tried any other churches?

    I would like to lift up a prayer:

    Father, I pray you will minister to our precious brother as he walks through this difficult time. I know Lord that you have sustained him through much pain and sorrow in his young life and I pray you will continue to sustain him as he works through these problems now.

    I also pray Lord for his wife. I ask that you would send christian women her way to befriend her. To listen to her and uplift her. To counsel her with your love. I pray that her mind would become clear and that she would see that she has a problem with the pain meds. Father, there is no shame in that. So many have walked that walk. I pray that you would sovereignly do a work in her life and set her free of these meds. Open her heart to receive the truth.

    And Lord, I pray you will restore their desire to be involved in your body once again and guide them to the perfect church for their family.

    We lay this at your feet knowing how much you love Danny and his precious family. We thank you for loving us as you do and for hearing and answering our prayers!

    In the precious name of Jesus we ask these things... Amen

    I hope you'll post often.

    Have a good night's rest!

    Love in Christ,

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