thanx Spacee, you are right on.

Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by blazer, Sep 28, 2006.

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    Yes, the mycoplus tf is going to be my next step. I did try it some time ago...ugh. I did stop due to the die off...ick. But, I will go thru it like you and be determined to LIVE. Being mycoplasma positive is tough...and yet knowing the cfs problem gives relief in itself. Until I do the the mycoplus tf...I will continue on the three tf's as of now. I am beginning to feel better already...takes days to get back into the tf's working for your immune system! I am leaving on a vacation with hubby for five days. Will do the myco tf. when I get home. Until then thank you, Spacee. Your letters and detailed info always bless others--even if they don't respond. Bless you today. Blazer
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    Have a Happy Safe vacation!!