That Dreaded Morning Feeling, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by greatgran, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    I guess this is where and antidepressant would be most helpful if I could take the darn things.

    When I first awake in the morning I have that dreaded morning feeling, like doom, gloom and anxiety plus the body aches. Well, for the aches I can take a shower if I have the energy and something for pain. But that horrible feeling I can't shake.

    After I have been up for awhile, on most days it does ease up but on some its with me . My doc says its depression, well I know that but what to do. No more AD's for me.

    On days my body will let me if I can stay busy it helps my mind but then my body lets me know it.

    Its a horrible feeling just wondering if anyone can relate. If so how do you cope.

  2. katsmi

    katsmi New Member


    Every morning I get that dreaded feeling of getting up to face the day. I am usually so sick...weak...pain, etc. The long term effect of this whole thing can lead to a deep depression that gets harder & harder to shake.

    I have been sitting here on my sofa and crying...cried all day yesterday, thinking that I will never get well after so many years of this. I used to be able to shake myself out of this a little, but now it is so deep seated...not sure what will happen.

    I too cannot take AD's either...they make me more suicidal than ever and more weak on top of what I feel like now.

    Your feelings are exactly like mine. I used to have more coping skills than now. I'm sorry...this is not much advise & comfort to you except to say....YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

    Hugs & prayers to you!
  3. kat0465

    kat0465 New Member

    Ohh Honey,
    i thought i was the only one!!! i do the exact same thing!! in fact sometimes i don't wanna even get up, so i stay i n bed way longer than i should, i hurt so much first thing up then the horrible heavy depressed feeling, like im not gonna make it up one minute!
    so this is what i do, get up slow & sit on the side of the bed for a lil while & if its real pretty outside, get those drapes or blinds open & try & focus on the beautiful day. that helps a lil, then i go make coffee, but still have that terrible feeling, i usually have to take 1/2 of a Xanax, then my supplements. i wait about 30 minutes & it eases some, thats when i get to a hot shower for the pain. im usually better by the time i get out, but i struggle every day.
    a friend of mine thats taking natural stuff for anxiety & depression is Taking a passion flower suppement, she has had great luck with it, so im thinking about trying it. try & look that up & get some info on it, it may help.i willbe sending you happy,calming, thoughts. ((Hugs)) Kat


    When I finally do go to bed, I don't want to get up because I don't sleep very well and then I stay in bed too long and hurt so crummy. I stay up late since I feel better at night and I think like I said mentally I know I am going to hurt and be so depressed.

    Then I look around at all the stuff that I need to do and feel worse.....

    Take care you are not alone,
  5. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thank each one of you so much for your replies. It is good and comforting to know I am not alone.

    I certainly wish we could find something that would take the dreaded feeling away. Oh, how I remember that good morning feeling..Long ago.

    I too have a scared feeling not sure what I am scared of.

    No, I haven't tried passion flower, will read up on it .

    I take xanax at night, as well as during the day, can you take Melatona if you take xanax?

    We need to be able to chat with one another during this time but I have to get the grans to school and sometimes I don't think I can do it. God has given me the strength or I couldn't make it.

    God Bless and thanks,
  6. jinlee

    jinlee Member

    I thought I was probably alone in this. I am so sorry for your feelings in the morning. I am on an antidepressant but it does no good. I am not even sure it is an antidepressant problem.

    It just feels like the world is too big, I feel an unnamed dread, fear and panic that presses down on me, horrible to shake off until at least noon. It is almost a panic that I am too sick to be alone. Then again, it is almost impossible to describe.

    I haven't found anything to ease this problem. But, even though if feels like a sort of depression I really think it is more related to hormones, or just these DDs.

    Regardless the cause, it is all consuming and gives quite a few of us grief. I guess keeping that in mind that we are not alone should help us some. I was thinking I was alone in this.

    I a sorry anyone else has to feel this way so when you do, just remember here is a soft hug from another who understands what you are going through.

    Sometimes I wonder if it is a blood sugar problem, like a low blood sugar thing in the morning, which can really do a number on that heavy, I call it "eyore" feeling. (Like eyore on winnie the pooh).

    Take care,
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  7. GeminiMoon

    GeminiMoon Member

    Have you tried the Bach Flower Essences? They are completely natural without side effects. The most popular one is called Rescue Remedy and it is unbeatable for stress. Google Flower Essences and you get some very good, informative websites. You can buy these in most health food stores and at Whole Foods. When I get gloomy I use the essence called 'Mustard". A few drops under the tongue a few times a day and in 2-3 days the gloom will lift. I promise you!
  8. LaurieB

    LaurieB New Member

    Waking up usually happens about 4AM for me -- the pain wakes me up. I move around and try to find a "place" where it will stop so I can go back to sleep.

    The only good thing about mornings is the thought that in a few hours, the pain will eventually subside.

    I just wish that the energy I have in the mornings would switch to the afernoons. Right now my schedule looks like this:

    Early morning full of severe pain;
    Mid morning it subside and I have some energy;
    Mid afternoon the energy is gone and I'm exhausted.

    I wish my body would co-ordinate the pain schedule with the energy schedule!

    I'm with you greatgran and everyone on this thread who has eloquently described their morning experiences. I know we're all grateful that we have mornings (!!) but they are nonetheless the worst part of the day for most FMers when it comes to pain.

    In fact, I'm not sure I profile very well for FM -- but the descriptions about the morning pain are what convinced me that I might have FM.
  9. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    I'm an Auntgranny (a great aunt) and a granny to six. Yes, dearheart, I have that horrible feeling sometimes and I take AD's - two of them. It has to do with pain, fatigue and depression. My job is difficult sometimes. I get tired so easily. I find if I can make it to a hot shower when I wake up, I will make it, might be late but I will make it. People tend to forget late by 10:00 in the morning but are glad you are there.
  10. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Thanks again for all your replies . I still have no answer for this feeling of dread, fear and almost panic. I usually take a xanax it takes the edge of sometimes, sometimes not.

    That is one reason I agree that it's not all mental but something physical causing the nightmare.

    Its good to know I am not alone but also I am sorry you suffer.

    Since I have started keep my greatgrans , I now go to bed at night wondering if I will be able to make it the next day knowing I must. When I awake with this feeling, it scares the heck out of me.

    I awake so darn early, around 4:30 lie there for about an hour or so thinking it will go away.

    I make myself get up and go thru the motions of doing. Today I told them we would go to the library , they are having a kids magic show and I feel so bad but will pray and try to make it.

    Oh, well, will make it someway. Think I am venting.

    God Bless and Thanks to each of you,

  11. dahopper

    dahopper New Member

    Yes I know all these feeling all to well and still strugle with my mornings. My hormones are so screwed up and I am so disapointed in my doctor right now. It just seems it is so hard to get the health care you pay so much money for.

    Usually after my morning shower I do feel better and I have found if I get straight up and straight to the shower I do have a better morning.....a better day. But all I want to do when I first get up is get a cup of coffee and go to my comfy chair.

    I have had a somewhat of a set back with my health it seems again. I am sooooooo.....much better than I was tho but still not where I want to be. My spelling so many things are just not there like it should be. :-(

    Too all you ladies that deal with this my heart feels for you it is not fun or anything fare about it. Why Us !!!!
  12. thenewme

    thenewme New Member

    HI this is just an idea, my son is bi-polar, we just found this ou this year and I have learned alot about the meds he takes and how they work. I am not saying that you are bi-polar at all, but I am just wondering if mybee this might work for you and anyone else that has a problem takeing anti-deppresants because it make them more deppressed and suicidle.

    I think this might be something you could have your doc look into, the thing is my son has to take mood stabilizers every night for the bi-polar.Now he also needs to take an antideppresant in the morning. We were told that he could not be on the mood stabz, unless he took the antideppresants and I also think this works vise versa, the mood stabilizer helps counter act the feeling that people get with antideppresants alone the deppresion can get worse and make him suicidle with out the mood stableizer.

    I am not a doc and I am not to sure about how this works but if this did work then mybee you could take both and not have the deppresion get worse. I no the last thing any of us wants is more meds, but you know what we need to at least be able to wake up in the morning and want to live not be wakeing up with a horrible black cloud over our heads every day.

    Like I said I was just wondering if mybee this could work and I think if it could why not try. Your doc may not know that much about mood stabilzers so mybee they could refer you to someone who does. This is just a huge guess on my part, but it might work, either that or your doc might just tell you that I should stick to stuff that I know of and stay out of the medical field.

    well good luck hugs Barbara
  13. slowingdown

    slowingdown New Member

    Make sure to get enough Omega 3's from fish or flax oil. I eat lots of salmon, but do take flax oil. This can really help one's mood, especially if you can't tolerate prescription drugs. I had been taking 2T. of flax oil daily, but after having such a rough winter/spring with virus after virus my dr. said to up it to 4T. a day to build up the immune system. I mix it with either juice or soy milk.
  14. greatgran

    greatgran Member

    Dahopper, I sure have noticed I can't spell, carring on a decent conversation and my thinking, gone.. The shower helps but there are some mornings I just can't make it. I am just trying to hang on and care for these greatgrans.

    I tried taking them to a magic show at the library today, I made it but became so shaky dizzy, my head feels like its full of mud or something. They are watching a movie now so think I will go lie down and see if I can make it .

    Barbara, not sure if I could handle a mood drug and an AD but never thought of it. Thanks, but the way my head is I am afraid to try it. I am so glad it works for your son and will discuss this with my doctor if I ever go back.

    Slowingdown, I like your name that is what I want to do is slow down. I take Omega 3 capsule and use ground Flax seed (2 Tbs) daily, well if I don't forget. Maybe I should try to increase them or at least not skip a day.

    Here's sending each of you a goodday.

    God Bless,

  15. Empower

    Empower New Member

    Beautiful pic btw

    Anyway, yes, I really really dread the mornings

    I usually feel worse in the morning than I do b4 I go to bed

    I know that the day that lies ahead of me will be full of pain and fatigue

    I try to think positive, but it is hard, and it has been a hard couple of weeks for me with the crazy crazy weather

    I just want some NORMALCY in my day - I want to go out and have fun!!
  16. marti_zavala

    marti_zavala Member

    I think it feels like depression but real depression, you don't want to take the kids to the library. You don't care about the kids period.

    I think it is overtaxed adrenal glands which messes up the sleep cycle, neurohormones, neurotransmitters. Cortisol is supposed to be highest in the morning, but it usually is lowest for us in the morning. Also, the non-refreshing sleep.

    Dr. Baraniuk states that AD aren't the right biochemistry for our bodies and if we do feel we should take some, then take very small doses - even pediatric doses.

    I would suggest sodium/potassium before an outing so you don't get the dizziness which is no blood getting to your brain. It sounds like you have orthostatic intolerance. Also, compression socks are very helpful.

    About the dread in the morning - I am drinking 1/8 tsp of sea salt with 1/8 tsp of No salt with 1 tsp of lemon juice and this dread goes away within 5 minutes. I sometimes have it ready the night before and leave it near my bedside, then take my pain pill, my thyroid and the salt/potassium water and I am able to get up feeling better and not like I am dying.

    I had some other points but forgot them.
  17. Denamay

    Denamay New Member

    HI greatgran,I am a greatgran too, I often wonder how I got so old so fast.

    Anyway back to your morning questian, mornings are the best time for me,in spite of the pain.

    Evenings untill I fall asleep are the worst.I can hardly stand that depressed feeling.

    I think that all my reserves drain away during the day.

    leaving me with horrible fellings of doom and gloom.

    Anyway it is no fun at either end of the day. Wishing you only good things, love Denamay

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