That other "DD" never quits! (Kind of long and whiney - sorry)

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    I'm talking about cancer.
    Almost 3 years ago, we found out mom had lung cancer. It was in a position where they couldnt operate so she did the usual chemo, radiation and some natural products I pushed on her. None worked and we lost her 2 years ago. She was only 58.
    In the meantime, a younger cousin (40 yo) was dx with lung cancer and died 1 week later. Then mom's brother was dx with lung cancer and also died from it. All this after losing another cousin from skin cancer when she was only 28. Hubby's dad was dx with bladder cancer two years ago and it must have spread because now he has colon cancer. (Nope, not done yet!). My aunt (moms sister) was the one who stayed with my mom while dad worked, since none of us kids could go to her. She was the one we could all count on to take care of mom and tell us if things were good or bad if mom didnt want to tell us cause we would worry. Well now aunt has been dx with esophageal cancer and had surgery for it this morning. The prognosis seems good from what she says but then we arent there again. She lives in Phoenix and we are in Washington.
    I thought I was stressing (and hurting) bad when mom got dx and thru all the last minute trips to Phx, but I guess the pain can get worse! I am hurting so bad this last week and worried about losing another family member from that disease. It feels like I am living the saying "that which does not kill us makes us stronger". You know what? I dont want to get any stronger! It hurts too bad physically and mentally to be the strong one all the time.
    Sorry this is so long but I jsut had to get this out. It is just so hard sometimes to not just burrow into my bed and just stay there forever.
    Thanks all for being here. Gentle hugs to all of you ~ Toni
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    So sad to hear of all your troubles. Sometimes it must seem like it's just too much trouble to even get out of bed in the morning. If you are going to Phoenix via I-5, we are about half way through Oregon, and the coffee is always hot and the sodas cold. Send an email and I will give you directions.
  3. Fibromiester

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    ~long and whiney~?
    I think you just need to tell us you Hurt!
    I am so sorry you have had to endure such loss of loved ones in such a short time... with the DD still hanging in the air! My Word, a Body can only take so much!
    I don't know what responsibilities you have at the moment, with your Aunt in the hospital and all, but if possible, do tell family members- you just need - 2 ? days IN BED! and please take care of yourself! If you don't take care of you, your body may just say, "OK, I QUIT!"...If you can see my point. Stress is our worst nightmare. DO get into bed and Burrow In!!
    I hope things work out well
    My Love and Prayers to you and yours,
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    Sorry for all your losses of your loved ones. My family has lost a lot of members to that ugly monster cancer also. My father died 3 years ago of colon cancer. My mom`s twin brother just died of bladder cancer. My Grandma had lung cancer. It`s such a hard thing to go through.

    I know my Fm got much worse after all the stress of seeing those loved ones suffering. I`m just finally starting to get it a little bit under control. Please make sure you take extra good care of yourself. Treat yourself delicately because you are right now and you need some extra TLC.
    Best wishes to you and hopefully we both are done with the cancer hitting our families so hard.
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    to help one another in times like this.So Sorry to hear all this.I to lost alot of family member right in a row and it takes its toll on you. Consider yourself wrapped in a whole bunch of HUGS because we are here for you anytime you need to talk. Please do your best to take care of yourself .I know it's hard and no one really has the answers to why things like this or our DD happens but we all care about what happens to each other and we all care about what happens to you. your in my prayers.God Bless and may he bring you some peace .Danisue