That Road Trip feeling is coming upon me

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by desertlass, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    I am not ready, yet, fellow road trippers. But, I can not just leave us hanging somewhere between Mount Vernon and El Paso, or wherever we left off, indefinitely.

    This is why I can only do virtual cross country trips. Even those get put on hold. :(

    I haven't forgotten you all! (or y'all, depending upon where we are).

    When I can get some traction under my brain for this, I will be back in full mental gear for Road Trip 3-- The Full Circle.

    Then we can visit other countries after that. Boat trip, airplane trip, ocean cruise, rainforest trek, go to Europe, visit the Pope, help the Dalai Lama, visit Stonehenge, scuba dive under Antarctica, whatever you all can dream up, we can do it!


  2. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I knew I was lost desertlass, but "somewhere between Mt Vernon and El Paso" isn't really all that helpful. lol.
    mr Bill
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Another road trip sounds good to me. I'm packing my shaving kit.

    One of the best things about a virtual trip is that, unlike LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), we won't have to spend two hours going thru security checks.

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  4. kholmes

    kholmes New Member

    so count me in!
  5. laceymae

    laceymae New Member

    Just drop me off on a warm island somewhere...maybe with Sam Elliott to fan me and George Strait to serenade me...on second thought, just Mr. Bill, Mr Dad and Rockgor will do fine.

  6. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Warm water for sure. Perhaps just leave me off on a carribean island for awhile, with just a face mask and snorkel. Europe is still too cold:) I suspect.

    Does the houseboat have wheels, or can we put them on?

    Mr Bill
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  7. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    Which is actually not very many, considering our last run.

    Elaine has rocketed around to Paris and underwater, and I don't know what all, in just the time it took me to get back over here and catch up with everyone.

    So, it looks like a houseboat is the other high style we can take for the slow lane.

    Hey, so should we start calling our own S-Elaine "Fast-Laine"?

    I don't think she has the patience to wait for those of us still figuring out our luggage. :)

    I am feeling the Tucson summer coming, which means I'm gtting cranky with having to turn the AC on now and then. To top that off, in real life, my dh and kids went camping by a lake with another family. I had to stay home :(

    So, I will think of something really cool to do so I have something to report on when they come home.

    Elaine-- I think you could write another message and send it out to sea-- "I predict that I will sell a bottle from Sting at auction and get about a million dollars and go on to start my own entertainment production company called "The Fast e-Laine"-- and then throw it for someone else to find and they will get about two million at auction...

    Until I can think of something, I am really happy to be on the houseboat with all of you, wherever we are, as long as there is water!


  8. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Just a little one wants to paddle before or after dinner, in the morning or the evening, and would be too hot to paddle in afternoon,so just rely on the wind and currents. We do play a game like baseball with the paddles.

    We have set the rudder toward the jungle in case you need rescuing, but may take a while. Doing the best we can. Having a great time. Cheers, mr bill, et al. Thanks for the advance reports:)

    Perhaps you could throw a tow line down sometime if you want us to get somewhere fast:)
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  9. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    was called bad-kitten. Poor kitty, I didn't know.

    Meanwhile, well, "I will try not to cause any trouble" is bit of a stretch. Oh, well, we'll put a few life boats on board, and you'll be welcome.....along with whatever else you bring. Cheers, your mr Bill
  10. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Oh good. Sometimes I don't know what I would do without board......keeps me laughing. A bit impossible to keep up with everything unfortunately.

    Btw, I really do love cats. Its just that, like humans I suppose, they so get their dignity ruffled and they so always know it.

    Meanwhile, I am a bit concerned with what you will bring with you out of the jungle. I know it won't be your fault, s-elaine, but let's enjoy enjoy the houseboat a little while before it starts to sink. OK? Please?

    Wait a minute, someone picked up a paddle and are actually using it to paddle. They are shouting something about seeing a floating bottle and treasure. Must be trying that "drinking salt water diet" I suppose.

    Cheers, your mr Bill

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  11. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    S-elaine, I'll give you one my sombreros so that you'll have at least one thing when you arrive. lol

    I'm not sure where everyone is. At dinner the other night I started talking about some of the experiments I brought along, and the next morning, everyone was gone.
    They must be busy with things at home.

    Anyway, just in case, I sent all my experiments home, so safe to come aboard now. It was safe before, but......I don't know. People worry too much.

    Dinner is the main event here. We decided not to use too much "magic" because more fun cooking than just wishing a dinner. Though one person decided he wanted a chicken dinner and started catching frozen chickens with his fishing pole. Called it "Chicken of the Sea".

    We've had some good conch and calamari recently. Oh, and a delicious Spanish paella. Looking forward to trying some piranha, supposed to be good.

    Anyhow, I'll be here. Seems everyone is busy with Springtime or obsessed with some guy called Jason.

    Cheers, your Mr Bill
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  12. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    I thought I would be brave enough to try pirhana, but even one of them alone... and dead... scared me off. It might come back to haunt me!

    Elaine, I know you didn't MEAN to bring anything back with you from the jungle, but the super=exotic rare species of insect that hitched a ride in one pocket of your super-stylish cargo pants has created some commotion.

    Mr Bill is going to keep it, and maybe study it, write a paper on it, and be fabulously wealthy. He will be able to start up his own mega-funded lab and play with all sorts of wacky stuff.

    After we're done playing houseboat, that is.

    You know, I always thought those things paddled themselves... just the very thought of trying to do this myself makes me tired.

    I guess I'd better find something to eat since I skipped our exotic entree.

    Oh, whatever-- this is a virtual trip-- I'll just have a margarita for dinner, and I'll be perfectly fine later.

    And if we're not listening to people talking about some musical boy named Jason, it's about THREE of them named the Jonas Brothers.

    I NEED TO GET AWAY FROM THOSE THREE BOYS!! They are all over the walls of my daughter's room!

    And she is NOT allowed on this trip!

    Okay, I think we need to take me to some sort of meditation retreat to get me chilled out.

  13. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    WHAT? Dang, I just knew something was going to happen when s-elaine arrived. Probably not her fault if it followed her here. Just another "coincidence", of course.....Maybe jumped over from one of tree logs that occasionally float by.

    Guess we can get one of those termite eating anteaters as a pet on the boat. Perhaps S-elaine can make a quick trip back to jungle and get a cute one.

    Hmmm, no, best to just keep her on telling what might follow her if she went back again.

    Oh, we took a vote and decided to cancel any paddling duties. Too much trouble, and not in a big rush anyway.
    Just caused too much trouble trying to decide which direction to paddle in anyway.

    Pretty safe on boat, btw, only "dangers" are probably salt water crocidiles and they are around Austalia. Pirates mostly north of Australia, and near Somalia.

    May skip making a fancy dinner tonight. A busy day today, and may just have a Margarita for now. Sunset is beautiful.

    Cheers, Your Mr Bill

    Oh, we catch the piranahs one at a time with a hook. A fish net full of Piranahs just a bit scary.
    And, of course, take the heads off before serving....don't want anyone injured.

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  14. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    No Crocks around here. At least not big ones.

    I'm thinking about the 30 foot Australian salt water crocs. Just stay away from Australia and we will be fine. Trust me.

    Cheers, mr Bill

    oh, thanks for getting rid of the flying insects. Another bad year for Dengue fever I think.
    Guess you know that we always anchor upwind of the shore so that insects can't reach us. Or is it downwind?

    Did I mention jellyfish, especially the Portugal Man o'War variety. Oh well, don't worry. I'll keep them away.
    Would be an experiment, but can electrify the boat if need be.

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  15. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Guess I thought it might keep you interested here if a
    "little excitement". I mean, if houseboat were totally OSHA approved it might be boring.

    Like, dropping a cow more than a quarter inch is not OSHA approved, let alone cow tipping. Besides, we are out of territorial waters. We could even have a casino.

    Anyway, really very safe here. Besides I decided not to electrify the houseboat.......might attract electric eels.

    lol your mr Bill
  16. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    I don't know where everyone went, but the boat is tipping terribly to the starboard with that 25 million dollars. Thank goodness you didn't take it in quarters.
    Gotta go below and check the pumps, your mr Bill:)

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  17. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    but somehow I feel that I'm on some sort of "African Queen". Much more confortable conditions, of course.

    Oh, I must head out for awhile.....traveling by car from Reno to Las Vegas this weekend. I hope someone shows up to keep company with, and watch over boat and S-elaine while I'm gone. Please! My boat, my boat. I guess I should say Our boat.

    I have no idea what I'll find when I get back. Or what color the boat will be painted, or if a name painted on bow. I hope not the "Jasonaut".

    Sigh, your mr Bill:)

  18. desertlass

    desertlass New Member

    I think our original "crew" have disappeared on us! We have a "Case of the Missing Houseboaters" on our hands!

    I think Elaine's insect might have something to do with this.

    Well, just to clear up the "insect" problem, I'll tell you a true story. Lo, many years ago, my step-mom went to work on day and heard a shriek ot of the lady from the next cubicle. There was a gigantic multi-colored insect under her desk. Freakish loosking, like something from outer space.

    So, they caught it and sent it somewhere in the city to be identified.

    It was confirmed to be a bug from South America. It turns out that someone in another department, in another part of the building, had gone to South America on vacation. Don't know where, exactly.

    But, they hadn't brought their briefcase or any suits with them. So, somehow, that thing managed to stow away in their luggage, all the way home, then get into either the car with the brief case in it, or the briefcase inside the home, and hitched a ride in that to work.

    It just had made itself at home in the building for a little while before making its debut.

    So, Elaine, you brought back a very rare, very beautifully marked and highly prized bug with you on accident, and the collectors are all vying for your attention and proffering you all sorts of big financial rewards.

    So thank you for getting rid of all the pests on the boat, but please tell me you didn't "de-sect" that one!

    My suspicion is that the other houseboaters went off in search of their OWN freaky bugs to bring home.

    So, I will look after the boat while you guys are off-duty for the weekend, but I'm taking it out to sea, now, where I can see the whole sky, cuz that jungle was starting to unnerve me a bit.

    Also, I thought you guys were talking about a different Jason. There's an American Idol Jason that I thought people on the board were talking about... and I had had enough of teen idols around my house.

    Don't worry, Mr. Bill-- if this boat gets named anything, it will be "Reel Mad Scientist"-- I think it would have run aground without you long ago.

    Elaine's got her rocket, and that had better not be named after some here today, gone tomorrow guy!

    Do either of you remember School House Rock?
    There was "Interplanet Janet".

    "Interplanet Janet, she's a galaxy girl
    A solar system myth from a future world
    She travels like a rocket with her comet team
    And there's never been a planet Janet hasn't seen..."

    Sounds like our Fast e-Laine to me!

    I think we need to join her for our next venture. Pick us up off the boat-- Mr. Bill and I be floating somewhere off Rio with our 'ritas.

    Our lost crew members had better show up, or they're going to miss a trip to the moon! Hey... maybe this is where our original freaky bug came from-- we can take him home! awwww.


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  19. therealmadscientist

    therealmadscientist New Member

    Maybe everyone figures a vacation should just last a short time.

    Me? I'm content. Sometimes, if I get restless on the boat I'll jump overboard with a face mask and snorkel and watch the sea slugs for hours, or an occasional fish.

    I wonder, how does that "manana" song go. Margaritas. Margaritaville....shifting, sifting, sand on the beach. "Drifting". Other songs. Other memories. I'll be here. Cheers, mr Bill.

    oh, maybe a "themed" cruise is more appealing (probably not to me though, at moment). A purpose driven road trip. Like, visit world trouble spots: Darfur, Bangaladesh, Tibet, Cuba, Washington D.C.
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