The 10 Worst Jobs Ever (In Science) .... Very Interesting

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    Absolutely! This Is the Worst Job Ever (The other 10 worst jobs follow.)

    Hey, kids! Want to earn some extra money in college to help pay those hefty tuition bills? Get a campus a lab rat.

    That's right, you too can be a human lab rat, ranked as the worst science job in an annual poll conducted by Popular Science magazine.

    What do human lab rats do? They volunteer for scientific studies just like rodents. For example, for the paltry sum of $15 an hour, students at the University of California at San Diego volunteered to have the nerve agent Chloropicrin sprayed into their noses and eyes. The point of the study was to determine if the chemical could be used as a warning signal in pesticides. No such luck. At the end of the study, Chloropicrin was re-registered as an independent pesticide, reports Popular Science.

    No matter how bad or boring your job might be, it's better than this!

    Here are the 10 worst jobs in science:

    1. Human Lab Rat: Voluntarily expose yourself to dangerous chemicals.

    2. Manure Inspector: Test methods of removing E.Coli and Salmonella from animal manure used to fertilize crops.

    3. Kansas Biology Teacher: The evolution debate consumes everything. Instead of teaching biology and the scientific method, they must teach intelligent design theory.

    4. Extremophile Excavators: Hike in 125-degree weather in air filled with nauseous gases to search for a microbe that can remove arsenic from contaminated water.

    5. Nuclear Weapons Scientist: Bad PR with recent FBI investigations and an intern's eye-burning laser accident have made this a rough job lately.

    6. Volcanologists: They run extremely close to an erupting volcano carrying lots of heavy equipment so they can study what makes all that burning lava.

    7. Semen Washer: Employed by sperm banks, their official job title is "cryobiologist."

    8. Do-Gooder: You pay $3,000 for a "vacation" and you can help with scientific expeditions, such as slogging through peat bogs in Manitoba, ducking polar bears or fending off swarms of black flies and mosquitoes.

    9. NASA Ballerina: NASA created a phallic-shaped robot and to officially introduce it, they hired a leotard-clad ballerina to dance with it.

    10. Orangutan-Pee Collector: Just like it sounds, they collect urine from orangutans. And get peed on a lot.

    Source: Popular Science

    Have you had a worse job than any of the above??!!!

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    No wonder you're sick!
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    Oh, Fight, you have really had some bad jobs--they even beat some of them on the above list!! Oh, yuck!

    Like "mezombie" said, maybe the exposure to some of that "crap" is the reason why you are sick--you just never know.

    I know what you mean about cleaning up apartments! We've been there, done that! By we, I mean my DH and me. We own a house that we rent out as well as a trailer lot. Cleaning up the house after renters is the worst--especially the kitchens and bathrooms like you said. On the trailer lot, it's just all the junk they throw outside when they move, as well as all the trash that they had lived with! It's really unbelieveable how filthy and disgusting some people can live--sometimes it about makes you vomit when cleaning up after them!

    Our pig house on our farm is cleaner than how some human beings live!!!

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    The only contender I can put up is working in a powdered egg factory, and it wasn't me. Raw eggs to powdered eggs. He would smell like rotten eggs after work.

    I deal with some icky stuff in lab, but it comes in containers. I feel for the nurses who have to collect it and put it in the containers. you put all that stuff on your resumes?:) Cheers, mr bill