The 4 Types of Tiredness (video)

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    Thought some of you might find this interesting, given that we ALL have fatigue, but that doesn't mean we have the same TYPE of fatigue as the next poster.

    My comments:

    IRONICALLy despite being an M.E. site, I don't see anywhere where this describes the fatigue I feel, and they loop a lot things together that shouldn't be together. They don't address the fatigue that comes from mitochondrial dysfunction and/or chronic disease: Strange. But it's still helpful because, even though we may have a primary cause of fatigue, that does not mean that's the cause ALL of the time!

    (1) The first sounds like normal fatigue, the kind none of us remember feeling
    (2) The second sounds like Fibromyalgia fatigue (being unable to rest and thus making everything worse)
    (3) The third sounds like the fatigue we get from dealing with people (family, friends, doctors) after we're sick, and all those mothers out there (yes, you!) who never take time out
    (4) The fourth.. to me, sounds like when you're limited to only certain activities and doing the wrong thing at the wrong time can be very irritating, as in sometimes I'm in the mood to read but cannot, so I have to do something else, but it doesn't stimulate my brain at all and it really is exhausting

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