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    Bringing some warm choc chip cookies and all kinds of drinks, hot and cold - depending on where you live and your weather and temperature :)!!

    Nothing much new going on now. Just trying to get over this cold. Much better but still coughing and taking the Mucinex DM. Just came in from chopping down some little trees cluttering up the place . Before that went all over and gave up on trying to get normal old fashioned nose drops. Everything is spray and 12 hour. I am so aggravated. Used to be able to get it in CVS . Everything is 12 hour sprays - ugh !! Will keep on searcing but am frustrated. The lower doser nose drops are the best for you. So much for old fashioned good stuff.-grr !!!

    Hi to everydobby. I need to leave and check back later. Hope to hear from Rock, Julie, Gail, Diane, Georgia, Spring Water, Elaine our long list of MIA's.

    More later.

    Love to awl

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    I had this happen to me twice. My vision blurred I went deaf in 1 ear my chest pain was intense. Went 1 in ambulance other time dh took me. Fibro causes chostrichinitis. Not spelled right. I was vomiting bile.

    I was breathing so deeply I hyperventilated too.i was kept overnight given a stress test. I was so weak I could hardly walk. They gave me morphine. It didn't touch the pain. Felt just like a heart attack. They gave me nitro too.i was flailing all over the place. They were trying to do a chest X-ray.

    My body has been recovering now. Hopefully I never have that again. Hope you find some solutions. Love gail
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    Sorry you both had to go through all that you had/have been going through. Gail, I fogot when you said you had your episodes. What a scarey thing for both of you . You are both so young for all of this.<

    Julie - What an awful scarey thing for you to have to go through again. I am thinking and thnikng of what it might be if not a heart problem or TIA. I hope they find out the cause soon for you so they can take it care of right away.

    Sorry that I read your part about your Dad I missed the point. Hope he is doing much better That is so weird - so many crazy symptoms and nothing showing up on you. Happy also that Lorraine wasn't scared after your episode. Quick thinking for the person who took her to see the birdies and get her mind off of it.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon and that they find the cause. Stay well my dear young friend. Also, no more episodes gfor you either Gail :)!!!

    Will have an uneventful day today. DH went with a friend who just got a new car to someplace his friend needed to go get something regarding the car. Need to start a wash. When DH gets home will probabloy have to go help dh blow some of the leaves off from everywhere before it rains again sometime tomorrow. We have leaves everywhere.

    Yes, worrying about our friends who may be living in the north east where the storms have hit. Wish we would hear from Elaine and Teacher and others too. I need to get moving around here.

    Love to awl,

    Edited because I screwed up and had the wrong info about your dad. I somehow scipped reading the part about his episode and went straight to yours.
    Hope he is doing much better.[This Message was Edited on 11/10/2012]
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    I'm sure you are frustrated looking and thinking about all the stuff that still needs to be done, with winter coming on and all. You always have SO much to do but this is your time to take it easy and see what the doc has to say when you get there.

    We will be praying ad thinking of you and hope all comes out well. Take a VERY DEEP BREATH and TRY to RELAX :)!!!!!!

    Enjoy your family but try not to do to much. Your episodes sure have been scary, for you and your family. Obviously your body doesn't like all the work you have been doing lately - overdoing !!!

    Love you,
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    Julie, so sorry you ended up in hospital. At least they were able to check you out.
    Hope you get over these episodes soon.

    It has really cooled off out here--can finally wear my sweaters. Time for a walk!

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    Pls take care of yourself. Hope this thing just blows over. Don't stress
    About dens sister, u wud think she wud hv learnt her lesson after
    What she has experienced.

    Festival season on. THis time festival of lights. My man help is gone
    For couple of days and the girl who used to cook. So will be swamped.

    I had to go today to a festival lunch given by my former employer
    (hotelier) my Chinese friend too was invited so went with her coz
    My dh had a meeting and said he wud come later. Had a good time
    Because I met some people whom I used to work with twenty years
    Before. And we caught up. Also met my former boss, son of the
    Chairman of the hotel and thrilled at myself because I found I could
    Talk without feeling intimidated, boy hv I come a long way, I used
    To die of fright to talk other than work. I was just 18 and the boss
    Only 23 and out of college from the u.s. now his son runs his other
    Hotels. In the span of 40 years the chairman rose from a clerk to
    Owner of several five star hotels here and in India and Singapore.
    Unbelievable, but true. And his son , my former boss, and his son
    Are carrying on the work!

    But I wouldn't want that life. Work work work socialise socialise
    Socialise. Not for me. My boss told me " my goodness, you still
    Look the same. " which I took as a compliment although I know
    It's not exactly true. Its more than twenty years since I left.
    A funny thing, I kept calling him "sir" out of habit and he told
    Me to pls don't call him that. The third time it slipped out, he
    Said, if u say "sir" I wil call u "madam". heh heh.

    At home very tired, as I always am after a social gathering.

    I will just say hi to all. Wil try log in agn.

    God bless
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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - Glad you survived your social gatherings :)!!! I love to be social but it can be tiring especially if ou are the host or hostess. Now, being served isn't to bad :)!! I thought that was funny about you calling your x boss sir and he was going to call you Madam if you did it again :)!!! Sounds like a nice guy to me.

    Julie - Hope you are behaving yourself and taking it easy for a change !!! Did I miss something else about Den's sis? Hope she hasn't been giving any of you grief any grief. You also don't need to get aggravated, it doesn't help .

    I need to get started and think about the roast we are having for dinner. Haven't had one forever. It is now thawing.

    May try and get back here later.

    Love to everydobby,
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    I have the beef roast and potatoes cooking. Haven't done that in SOOOO long..DH wanted the potatoes in with the potatoes. Not sued to that and the size to cook the potatoes and also how long to cook the roast. I have a meat thermometer in so it hopefully doesnt get to cooked. When you cut up the potatoes that way you might as well have them mashed. Yes, we will have gravy with it too, even if it is the posdered gravy mix with extra juices and onion cooked with the meat.

    Julie - You are right about not airing details of relatives problems on a public forum, even if no one really knows any of the people. You never know as they say. I am sure you are not exaggerating !!!

    Sorry you are having discomfort when you get out of bed but glad you know it is not heart attack. Do you have an appt with the doc on Wed.? That is what I seem to remember. Hope all goes well and I am sure you will be happy to have talked to him and know more of what seems to be going on with you.

    SW - Hope you are resting a little for all your festival activities you need to go to. Take it easy and try to get a little nap in for yourself.

    Thinking so much aboaut our MIA Porchies. May try and drop a line to Elaine again. How she is doing OK and not as sick as she had been some time ago.

    Well, I guess I will sign off for now. This is going to be a very busy week for me as well as next week too - lots of singing and other stuff.

    Bye for now.

    Love you all,
  9. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    That sounds so good, Granni. Haven't had a good roast in ages. Good that you are busy.

    Julie, hope you'll be feeling better soon. I can understand about the problems with relatives. Granni is right about public forums--even on FB I use a fake name and don't post personal things on it.

    SW, I wish I looked the same as I looked 20 years ago--that was a nice compliment you had. I'm all white-haired and wrinkled now, and look older then my true age.

    Hello to All--

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you got to the chiro ans seem to be doing OK. Have you gone to the docs yet for him to talk about the scan? If so what did he say or is it next week? I remember those lacing cards from my girls. I am not sure I have seen them around. You are good to be going to make some for Lorraine. I am not a good drawing artist and to lazy to do it. However, you are young and spry :)!!!

    How nice your dad is artistic. That would be a nice gift and maybe if he got started again with it it would be helpful with his dementia. I surely couldn't hurt, unless he tended to get frustrated if things didn't go his way.

    This is a busy week and cannaot believe Thanksgiving is next week. Not sure if my daughter will be coming with her DH and son. He has changed jobs and needs to find out what he is able to do, if anything. If they come it may just be for the day or go home Saturday. Found out our old small group leader is having a 90th b-day party at the facility where she is with her husband and we were invited to sing for it. However, if my daughter is here I probably won't go . They come so seldom and visa versa.

    DH will drop me off today at the parking lot where our small group will meet early this morning. We will go to a family community center to sing and then some will come home and go to a ladies club meeting luncheon. I will go to that and then stay there afterwards for a meeting for one of our big dinner groups. After that I will come home and get ready for choir practice. This is one heck of day.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing well and have some NRG to go to your festival activitites.

    Thinking also of all my dear Porchies and MIA's. Miss you all ! No time to mention everyone.

  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Tried to check in last night and got some sort of dysfunction the computer
    kept taking me to some 'on' instead of post im supposed to reply to.

    Julie - i hope they can quickly diagnose the problem and you can be rid of
    it. I know it must be hugely worrying. I used to get all sorts of symptoms
    head buzzing, tingling, nausea and then it would again go away. Weird
    stuff. Someimes pains around the heart. in my case maybe its a lot to do
    with stress with the family goings on.

    Of course any kind of symptoms is always an indicator of something you
    have to give attention to, whether its more rest you need or less worrying
    or a physical condition.

    Diane - my dear, so nice that you could drop in. and share your news.
    I remember laughing at your cat antics. Can so tell you are a cat person
    just as some of us are dog people. We love our animals.

    Granni - oh dear. that darn fever. i hope you recover soon and can start
    singing again. it must be a blow to your group also not to hv you with them.

    Gail - really happy your scary symptoms went away and glad you shared.
    Its a relief when you realise these things do happen and then resolve

    Georgia - thanks you and all for the sweet comments about my boss 's comment
    on how i was looking. How is G Pa? and Ursula?

    Joan - so so good to hear from you, and happy your daughter visited and
    helped you pack. the wedding you attended sounded such fun. all that
    family. good riddance to the coffee group and their less than considerate

    Rock - where are you? Computer okay?

    Well, festival almost over. it is for me at least because today is last day
    officially and its brother sister blessings day. and had my daughter been
    here she and son would hv had to sit down and do the ritual. but she s not
    so for me festival is done.

    day before was Goddess of Wealth bessings day and Dog day simultaneously
    so we lit little oil lamps and i cooked some and shared fried traditonal bread
    with neighbours etc. also garlanded all dogs with marigold necklace and fed
    them and put vermilion mark on them.

    The neighbours 21 year old son came with some fried bread and i fed him
    and we chatted in the kitchen while he ate. he has an alcoholic father who
    married another woman and comes and goes from the house sharing between
    the two wives.

    this boy makes aquariums and sells them. and keeps pet mice and pet fish
    in his home. he goes to college and is looking for a part time job. i told him
    i was glad he was doing well inspite of not hving a good role model. i really
    hope he does well. due to a land dispute his family has lost 70 percent of
    their land and property and will hv to move away from this house in two years
    time. they hv another smaller house just a block away.

    later my middle brother also came and told me niece was doing well. im too
    scared to meet her. everytime we meet we both end up crying and im scared
    it might trigger off her symptoms again. I fed him and then he was going to go
    on to my elder brothers place.

    and yesterday went to MILs place with all the ritual stuff, bags of pomelos,
    grapefruit, coconuts etc and did our blessing ceremony there. My MIL is as
    complicated as ever. Every year i tell her i will bring the ceremony fruit, sweets
    garlands and stuff so she doesnt hv to buy and spend or get tired shopping and
    every year she tries to show me up by buying those things and readying
    the prayer room with mandalas etc. so this year i went a few days back and
    told her in person and on phone that i would buy all and even confirmed on
    phone. i remember i got really tired too, buying huge pomelos and coconuts
    ten of each and son and me carrying back to the car along with half a dozen
    other mandatory fruits ten of each, not to mention sweet meats and garlands
    everything ten. it was so crowded no place to step also and this was in market
    downtown where u hv to fight for parking space because supermarkets become
    too expensive for so much stuff.

    and when i get to mILs there she has already bought most of the stuff. so
    $50.00 gone down the drain. i usually used to leave the extra stuff but this time i purposely took it back to our car and brought it back home with me. Not that its any use. we none of us are too fond of fresh coconut or pomelos and all that.

    I could hv saved the $50.00 and used it to buy necessary groceries. what a waste. the money she spent is anyway given by my dh but she might after all
    these years not do something mean like this. a whole day of tiring shopping and
    money gone to waste for what i dont know. what is she trying to do? anyone
    hv any idea?

    and then her prayer room lights werent working and she knew last evening itself.
    because she is the one who goes and does the prayers there and she ws berating her help and the helps sister who helps part time for not knowing and
    having it fixed! how can the maid or her sister fix the lights or call electrician when they themselves dont know and she doesnt tell them?

    the maid was looking haggard and turns out she had a fever/cold and MIL was
    complaining she doesnt come and help. i myself hv seen the way the maid is
    on her toes all the time when she is well. and the house is spotless and tidy
    right down to the kitchen. my MIL has arthritis in both knees and shuffles
    around these days so how can the house be so clean if maid is sleeping all the
    time as MIL says? I was silently sendng up a prayer of thanks that i am no
    longer in that house. Its a three storey house and no way can MIL look after
    it unless she is getting help. i tried to tell her how difficult it was to get help
    these days (eg. my chinese friend) but she went on and on complaining.

    anyways after my dh came the rituals and dinner went good, MIL cheered up
    and my dh and his younger step brother chatted and it was nice and jokey
    atmosphere. I had cooked and taken chicken and a potato dish. and they
    had made mutton curry and spinach and lentils and rice. enjoyed the meal.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hope you feel better in the morning. Yes, guess you may have overdone it , like me. Guess what, I started with a fever , low grade again today, after I got home from the hair dresser. When I went to choir practice yesterday I was trying to hit the high notes and then got that tickle that was makeing me cough again. Also, then I would have a little pain in the left lung area. Knowing my problems, after finding that I had a fever (100.3) again I called and made another doctor appointment again . Hope this goes away so daughter can come for Thanksgiving. Something like this happened either last year or the year before. The didn't come and were very disappointed as were we. Not mentioning it to daughter yet until next week.

    Did you get the cardio called yet and appointment made ??

    Hi to SW, Rock, Gail, Jole, Gerogia, Joan and many others !

    Love to everydobby,

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went to the doctor today, actually it was the nurse practitioner but she seemed rather thorough. Probably a relapse or not quite getting over the other thing. Hope the new antibiotic, and inhaler, will help along with the Mucinex DM. Before I was blowing a lot of stuff from my nostrils but then seemed to stop. Not sur eif it was because I switched to the regular weaker Mucinex and my fever was gone. She also had me go for an xray to see if there was anything else there as I was having some discomfort there. I have had some lowgrade fever the past few days.

    Just hope this isn't viral or the antibiotic will not help. Hope to be feeling better or at least getting rid of fever so my daughter and family can come. If I still have the fever, we will have to tell them not to come. Had to do that a couple of years ago and she was so disappointed. We don't see them often and they don't get to go many places either. Thanksgiving is the time they usually come. Then we or I go to see them sometime during the year.

    Julie - I hope you get some relief from all this so you can enjoy your family. Can't believe they didn't call you for an appointment. Maybe they were just very busy. I know that they were saying at the doctors office about so much sickness going around this time of year.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK and enjoying the festivals but not wearing yourself out.

    Rock - How are you my dear. Have you found any NRG lately. If so, please do send us a post. We miss you and so many when they are not here and we worry !!!

    Getting out of here now so I can start to get ready for beddy bye. I tried to take anap today and of course could not sleep. Oh well, I guess I did rest though.

    Love to everydobby,
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - hope you get to the root of the problem and it gets treated fast
    and you are fit as a fiddle soon! Id never heard of clementines. Are they some
    kind of sweet? I remember learning O My darling o my darling o my daaaarling grade 4.

    Hope your dad is fine. and the visit goes well.

    Oh, thanks for your take on my MILs behaviour. You did put it in perspective.
    I tend to think the worst automatically. It could be she feels like she needs to
    be ready in case i dont get something. and yes, its also a control thing. thats a given.

    Granni - sure hope your daughter and family can visit. shame if it has
    to be cancelled. this sure came out of the blue didnt it? is the colder
    weather or what? hoping you will recover really soon.

    I wonder how all our MIAs are. Teacher. hope shes okay. long time no hear.

    I know Joan must be getting ready to move. And Jole had her ailing sister to
    think of.

    well. yesterday my nephew came. i had sent a message for him to visit so
    i could give him some festival cash. poor boy. have been neglecting him.
    he phoned and came and i fed him some cheese/potato/chilly curry and lentils
    with rice because he is vegetarian. he gave up meat when he was in grade 8
    after a group of activists came to their school and showed a film on how
    animals were slaughtered in this country.

    after not eating for several years, he almost went back to it, when he fell
    terribly ill with TB and had to stay with my elder brother. he was frightened
    because he was so weak he couldnt move. but i dissuaded him asking him to stick with vegetarianism. and luckily he did.

    i was pleasantly surprised to find him less shy and more forthcoming. and
    we had a long long talk. he stayed for around five hours. shared his problems
    and anxieties and he is making his health his priority now. he was interested in
    pranic healing and ive given him books to read. i think the child is growing into
    the man now. he is 19. he suffers so much from stress and unexplained pains and aches and headaches. so much so he went and did complete medical check up and found nothing amiss. ive told him to concentrate on destressing. given him some cds.

    in middle of it, my dh dropped in for lunch, and also gave him some pocket money. "to buy eggs and eat and get strong" said he. we both laughed.

    in evening after nephew left i hurriedly made dinner and dh and myself went
    out and caught a indian film. not disappointed. nice film.

    today i just tried to get some order into the house. made son take me for
    some shopping for the house. oven cleaner and other sundry things.

    called my older brother and he's fine. he will be coming over tomorrow to spend
    the day.

    its chilly in morn and evening but so hot in afternoon.

    well all take care. I hope some of the Porchies will drop in. missing them terribly.

    God Bless

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    First of all, I wasn't exactly sure myself but clementines are a type of mandarin orange. I guess they are more plentiful here in the U,S, I guess. I am thinking that the name Clemintine you are talking about is a girls name that may have been popular at that time

    I had to laugh when you were talking about your MIL sometimes being such a gump and you were sending her up a prayer. Sometimes there is no pleasing some people . That poor maid must really be on her toes when she is around and even feeling well, and trying to work hard.

    Glad that your nephew is doing better and you got to be with him a bit. BTW, if you are handing out money you can send some to me. I could some myeself :)!! Glad you are enjoying the festivals and being with the family. Ours is so stretched apart unless you love to drive and or fly. Driving long distances is NOT a good thing for me (esp if I am supposed to be doing to driving).

    Becoming a vegetarian is probably very healthy and I love vegetables of most kinds and so does my DH but trying to get him to become one - just forget it. I would accasionally just have a salad but where is the chicken on it or shrimp or other meat :)!! He is a much bigger meat eater than I and I love meat and a good steak once in awhile.

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better since you went to the doctor. Hope you can get rid of that pain sooner rather than later. Has anything been helping you.

    Joan - if you get the chance to pop in here to the porch let us know how you are doing and if you are moving. I acan imagine what a mess that is but sounds like you will have family helping you which is a good thing.

    Not feeling to bad but just need to get rid of this dang fever. I have been taking an Ibuparofen to help with the fever but only taking one each time. If the fever got alot higher I might go to 2 tabs l.

    Hope DD can come so she doesn't get as upset as last time. She should know thereis nothing else I can do with meds that may not be helping me to get rid of the fever. The other symptoms are not to bad but a little achier than my usual FM.

    Please help me pray for this fever to go away before Monday. Thinking of everydobby including our many MIA's. I sent a note to Elaine and haven't heard from her. Hope I hear from her soon so I can pass on news that is hopefully GOOD.

    Love to everydobby,

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - I know what you mean about prednisone. I havae had to take it for bad URI's since I cannot or should not take all or most decongestants due to my hi b/p and it also helped alot with my bouts of poison ivy/sumac or whatever it was. I guess it did its job, however it is also not good for my osteoporosis. I don't remember if it got me all jittery, maybe a bit. When you take your doses you might want to take them as far away from when you go to bed as possible, if that is possible . We have to pick our poisons, when we have to, should I say, one at a time. Glad it seems to be helping you. Ploease try not to over due again :)!!!

    That idea of giving Lindsay and David their scrap book at their 10 year anniversay sounds like a wonderful idea. Glad you have been find new treasure from your parents mobile home and glad they can really be used now !!

    DH went to church and so I am here alone typing away or trying to with making errors:)!!

    Spring Water - Nice to read your nice newsy posts. Hope things continue to go well with you and your family.

    Rock - How are you my friend? Hope to hear from you soon and that you have found some more NRG. I was hoping you would find some extra to send to me.

    So far so good and the same for me. No temp early in the moring but that is how it always starts anyway and then goes up through the day and evening . Please pray this stuff goes away so I can have some kind of a Thanksgiving. Just need the fever to go away mostly.


    Thinking of all our Porchies old and new, to many to mention.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so sorry your pain is back. Yes, you have to do what the doctor says if you can ever get the correct amount from someone. Usually, the pharmacist knows a lot more about meds. and their reactions . With Prednisone they usually also have you start on the larger amount and then get to lesser and lesser till you are taking none. In other words cold turkey is not a good thing. What did the pharmacist say? You usually decrease as you go along and they don't want you on it for to long. So not sure what else to say on that . You might want to talk to the pharmacist, if you haven't already. If not t
    alk to the doctor right away in the morning.

    I know what you mean about people just leaving and not saying anything. It is very worrysome for us Porchies and board members who worry about our friends. It is upsetting to me when they just disappear. I know peoples lives change and sometimes you might not be able to access the computer for long or not feeling well or have other priorities, but I wish they would let us know.

    I went down to try and take a nap and thought I left the thermometer in my mouth long enough. It said 98.6 - yay I was so happy. So I laid down on the bed and was just achier than usual. I could fall asleep or do anything. So, I took my temp again andit said 99.4 . Now that is not bad but when you are trying to get over something so you can have company, that is not gfood, even though not that hi. So, I popped an aspirin and laid back down and tried to go to sleep again. Then I gave up !!!

    So, here I am on the computer. Only one more day or so to see if we will have company. If not DH will go get a ham instead of the turkey and we won't have any company. Darn it I am so upset !! I probabaly do try and do to much myself with the singing but I love it. DH would be happy if I didn't go back to choir as I drive by myself every time. It is not that close and get home late. It takes close to 1/2 hour to go and come back. The night air is probably not the greatest either. I am in two other groups too but one is not for the whole year and I come and go with other ladies and it isn't as far. The small group is during the week and during the day MOST of the time.

    I got some of my venting in this time :)!!!

    Let me know what is going on when you can sweetie. DH is making steaks on the grill and I will do the rest. He asks to help but he has been so helpless all these years with cooking by the time I told him everything to do I would have gotten it done quite a few times already.

    Love to you and everydobby else,
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Pop on over to the other side !! Be careful about not catching toes and fingers in the door.

    See you all later.