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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Nov 7, 2010.

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    Is open for business!
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  2. spacee

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    Too weird. I wonder if it got confusigated when Victoria cut and pasted her
    last post.

    That movie Social Network was amazing. How Zuckerman's mind understood
    computers. He is the youngest billionaire who created FaceBook.

    Pam, if you read this 'wrong' thread. Penny's has their velour 'jogging' suits
    for 40% off. All kinds of colours. They had some beautiful hoodies too.
    Now that I have figured out my colors are not black and pink but brown and
    green, they had a really pretty green.

    I have decided that climbing that "hill" at Bok tower is just about as good
    as a chiropractor adjustment for my spine. Need to put it on my list "to do"
    while I am running errands. It takes about 10 mins to go up and down...not
    bad. But it also takes about 10 mins to show your pass at the gate and drive
    to the parking lots. Ok, that is nothing to whine about either since, all in all,
    still faster than the chiropractor and free.

    Don't know what to do about our 2 #63 threads. HELP! Victoria, if you have the

  3. victoria

    victoria New Member

    this is the weirdness that exists on Chitchat... so I'm reposting my message when I tried to start #63... plus re-re-posting my last message from #62 here....LOL

    Did you all remember to set your clocks back an hour? LOL, Mexico did it last weekend.

    So... I counted on the last page of the last lounge, sure enough, Pam's was #20 (if I counted right) BUT right now they're saying their count of posts that includes my last one that is on page 3, is still only 40 tho.

    SO I am very confuselated. I do not understand...!

    So anyway, here's a copy of my last post... but abbreviated for brevity:

    We're supposed to leave Wednesday... only thing that would stop it is if our neighbor isn't back as we need to arrange some things with her. Altho knowing my DH's impatience, he'll want to leave anyway.

    We'll need all the good luck we can get, 2,000 miles is a long trip with dogs. Main "worry" is leaving early enough and having no mishaps and making the border before sunset, which is why we plan on leaving at 4 AM. Well, DH says 3, but at that point there's no point in even trying to sleep.... and I'd like to get a few hours of sleep or "rest" at least.

    At least in the US there are hotels that I can plan on ahead of time that accept dogs.

    Yeah, Pam, it's really true - once you acclimate to the local temps, you'll be surprised how cold 50 degrees can seem, LOL! Remember, I spent my first 26 years of life in Chicago. We left the summer before the record breaking temps of -26! on the lakefront. The tires on the cars there actually cracked... it was winter of '77-'78. We were so happy to NOT be there, LOL.

    La Primera - well now make me La Segunda poster

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  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Back from the dentist and not going to push it.Hair another day.

    I wonder what my colors are.Brown and green sounds really pretty.Did you say you got one?I passed some comfy flannel pj pants at Walmart this morning.If I had the nerve to wear them out I would have bought a few.

    Huz is on vacation Thanksgiving week and has promised to do the heavy cleaning I can't manage anymore.That will take a burden off my shoulders for the holidays.I warned him I may not be up to sugar cookies this yr.He took it well much to my surprise.Gone are all the homemade goodies I've given the family with gifts this yr. pumpkin bread,cookies,cheese balls ect.I give up.Time to accept it isn't the end of the world and easier on my health.

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Victoria, you have all the good luck I can wish you for that 2,000 mile journey. We have
    to do what we have to do. Hope the trip doesn't go to the dogs...jejeje.

    Yes, Pam, I leave the heavy cleaning to Huz now too. I try to declutter as I go along. He
    has always thought of the house as 'clean' if it were decluttered. I think he is going to
    be tickled over the sonic bubble scrubber for his shower :)

    It's going to be a small Thanksgiving so I ordered a good bit from HoneyBaked. One
    asked for ham this year which was my inspiration. I will cook a small turkey breast
    to go with it. Son wants to make a pie. Hurrah!! Even if I felt like it, since realizing
    that I have the spastic colon and little bitty meals work is hard to get
    enthusiastic about a Native Indian/Illegal Immigrant Feast...haha.

    Yes, the dentist was enough for one day. I hate that you can't bake like you used to.
    I think it has been since this thread started that you have slowed down. We are too
    young for this but it comes whether we are ready or not.

    Oh, bed time....


  6. victoria

    victoria New Member

    We're the illegal immigrants for Thanksgiving, aren't we?

    Hey, this means I get to have some mince pie for T-day. My daughter, DH, and I love it, our son doesn't. He doesn't even like pumpkin pie, LOL. But he does like turkey, plain green beans, & mashed potatoes at least.

    Well our trip has been put off at least til Thursday, waiting for our neighbor to get back. Doesn't matter LOL, doesn't make it any better or worse. I think. Sometimes at this point I'd just like to get it over with, regardless!

    Me 3 when it comes to division of cleaning, but DH has always done the mopping and heavy stuff; I do the tidying, organizing, dusting, always have. Somebody posted on FB the question: ""So when does someone show up to do the cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc? I'm waiting..." LOL, wish there was a good dust fairy that would appear.

    Rest in peace everyone, hope everyone is having a nice autumn, still.... I haven't heard of it snowing anywhere in US, at least so far. Toluca here, which is quite high and nearer to Mexico city, apparently had an early snowfall, I happened to catch a video of it on MX local TV last week. I'm so glad we do NOT get snow here!

    dulces sueƱos!

  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Nice Fall day today.Helps the mood sometimes.
    Victoria your attitude is probably the best for the trip.You know it's coming so know sense stressing over which day.

    Funny you mention Honey baked Linda.I got a flyer in the mail yesterday and huz said not to even think about ordering another.That's because he decided it was to good and expensive to serve to his family last yr. so the four of us ate a med. one ourselves.So good.

    We'll have turkey anyway I love it along with dressing.Still no count on who will be coming for sure but it makes no difference anyway because I cook and I love the meal so much I don't mind.

    Dad is coughing and cold symptoms poor guy so he caught son's virus.Yeah Linda I think I could track my progression from this illness from the Lounge posts couldn't I?I'm going to go make cookies for FIL.Huz got suckered at work into buying preformed dough so I think I can do that.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    So we still have the heat on here. It was 67 when I woke up inside.

    Our Honey Baked ham is a "mini". I know those kids (25 and 34) are not going to want
    left overs This one serves 4-8.

    I remarked to one of my dil's that homemade cookies tasted better. She said she totally
    agreed. So awhile later at her house, she said 'we can make cookies' and showed me the
    Toll House container where you break a piece of the dough off and slap it on a pan and
    cook it. Homemade! :) But they did have a crispy something about them that was better
    then bought. To me in the chocolate chip arena.

    I can't believe I did this. Speaking of cookies. I bought some store cookies and for some
    unknown reason didn't notice they were $6.99 for the box. They were shortbread type and
    right next to them was another shortbread version by the same manufacturer for half price.
    So, I bought those this time. How different could they be? VERY different. sheesh. Darn.
    I was so loving them with my hot tea. I will just have to get over it. $7 for cookies is too
    much. (I'm not worth that..haha even though the hair color commercial says we are worth

    Ok, today I scratch the eyedoc appt off my to do list for a year or two.

    Oh, I can remember my mother asking huz why he was washing his car "it's just going
    to get dirty again". That's kinda the way I feel about housework. Delay, delay cause it
    is just going to need cleaning again!

  9. victoria

    victoria New Member

    I once had a BMW. On it, I had a bumper sticker that said, 'Do Not Wash. Undergoing Scientific "Dirt Research Test.' I had women come up to me and enthuse over it. No guys did, they did not understand it.

    I also had all 4 hubcaps ripped off at Xmas time in Atlanta, so didn't bother to replace them. Again, whenever I stopped for gas etc, guys would ask me questions. They so did not understand my attitude. Inevitably they all also said, "I know where you can get some cheap". LOL

    Home baked anything, even if mfr made, is always better than store bought finished product when it comes to baked goods at least... IMHO. Maybe it's just the freshness quality?

    My kids don't like those hams... my Dh and I do. Oh well. I also can't make our family traditional dressing for turkey because too many have allergies to bread or yeast. Oh well again. That does make it pretty simple for me, tho, LOL.

    Hope your FIL gets better quickly, Pam, and your DH- or was it 'your' son that gave it to him?
    Hey, those flannel pj bottoms sound good... if cheap enough, I'd have bought at least one pair to wear at home, LOL.

    Hasta pasta...
  10. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's cute about the homemade cookies.Today they probably do think of them as from scratch.Mine were oatmeal raisin and were pretty good.

    The cats are really nasty and ornery the last few days.The younger more aggressive one is swatting at the dog and biting the older cat.The old one is biting anyone who comes near her.I don't know what's gotten into them.
  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    Sayonara for a while... supposedly we're leaving tomorrow, still....
    I'm sooooo busy today.... have a good week/end everybody!

    Victoria on the go
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    We'll keep the ship afloat! I'm sorry I am late posting today. It's yoga. At 10:30 am.
    That's a bit early for me. But my back is hurting and yoga helps it so it is what it is.
    Usually I am the only class member and she tailors it to me.

    Actually there is a class before yoga where they sit it THAT is the class for me.
    It is packed full. And I can't make it there by 9:30am. There is even a woman in a wheel

    So, Victoria can't have ham or turkey dressing for The Feast. I guess that leaves a roast
    or in the south barbeque!! Ribs, I mean.

    It got up to 81 here today. It was a very nice sunny day. The butterflies seemed to enjoy

    On the XMRV news. Small researchers seem very interested in studying it for prostate
    cancer. And they are willing to use CFS patients blood to get their labs up and running
    correctly. fwiw. It's kinda nice to be wanted after all these years.

    Survivor is about on, so I will close for yoga tomorrow!!


  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I watch it too.I've watched it since it began just like The Amazing Race I like them both.

    Good luck Victoria I don't envy you the trip.

    I can't put it off anymore haircut today.I need to call.Huz won't be here for dinner again and I don't feel like cooking so it's pizza and a salad tonight.

    I do a little yoga for back pain Linda.It helps the pain some.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, those are two we watch also. Sometimes I wish the Survivor would last another
    hour cause it seems to go by so fast. But the Amazing Race is such an heart pounder,
    that I am ok when it's show is finished.

    Hope you like your hair cut! I was watching What Not to Wear yesterday at lunch. It
    was the first time I didn't think they 'dressed' the person age appropriate. Also, they
    probably should have waited til she was through breastfeeding the make sure
    the clothes fit. She was 24 and I thought they dressed her like she was in her 30's.
    What do I know though?

    This week they have 'done' two tiny women. Like size 2. One of them really went for
    the expensive clothes. $300 and up. I got the feeling she was thinking "I have finally
    found clothes that fit me and I am going for the good stuff".

    I found some exercises for a pain I was having that I think was sciatica. The computer
    age is so great. There were utube video demonstrations of a couple of exercises that
    helped. But the last time I 'hurt' my back it took months to heal.

    Today is a nothing day :) Maybe I will sort through the costumes that we played with
    and get them out of the living room.

    Also, I did some updates on the computer last night. Now I can play checkers with my
    son in the NL. Cracks me up!

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Playing checkers with your son when he's so far away takes bonding to a whole other level.Modern tech is really amazing isn't it?

    Yep hair is done for another 4wks.I treated myself to a Mc Donald's southern chic sandwich and a real coke no diet.It was nice to get out alone.

    DS Fiancee is bringing her toddler for the weekend.We are going to Cheesecake Factory for lunch Sat. it should be interesting with a fussy 2yr.old and a grouchy senior.FIL not me.

    Hope everyone's weekend is great.
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    Enjoy the Cheesecake Factory!!! When DS lived in Orlando, we went there several times.
    I loved the Louisana Chicken. It was a lot of food and I couldn't eat it all. But when I
    read it had 2,000 calories in it, I kinda lost my taste for it :) I never could talk anyone
    into splitting it with me.

    When I get my hair done, I always go my McD's and get the fish sandwhich and a med
    not diet coke. That is to get me through the 2.5 hour marathon. I sip the coke while
    it is being done. That's gotta be bad for my teeth...just thought of that. Mother wouldn't
    like that!! She was obsessed with teeth.

    Oh, and when we went to the Cheesecake, our 1 yo GD would come. It was a lot of
    work on her mom (the only one she wanted to feed, take care of her) to keep her
    occupied, but her mom liked 'getting out'.

    We saw them a lot that first year they were back to Orl and Jacksonville. I am sure we
    will never see them that much again. It was a very sweet time to bond.

    I took the NT Factor yesterday am. Only made me feel flu like for a couple of hours in the
    afternoon. Progress seems to be happening.

    Thought of Victoria and her BMW yesterday while resting. Got a chuckle about the men
    always giving her advice about the car.

    Oh, yes the weekend is here! Hope it is great too!

  17. jole

    jole Member

    Good to see you all again. Looks like the groups have dwindled on the boards. I didn't intend to be gone so long, but life took over for a spell. (Posted about it on the Porch).

    Victoria, I hope your trip goes well and you have a wonderful time with your family. Oh, I can't imagine making that long a trip with the doggies, but you seem to manage anything you put your mind to :)

    Pam/Spacee, I've been wondering what to make for T-giving, and that cheesecake is gonna be it!! Well, I'm sure mine won't be nearly as good, but it passes the grade at least. My DD/hubby just moved to an old, old country home (huge) and we're all going there. First time we've seen it. She's having turkey, dressing, taters, etc. There will be 20 of us...everyone brings.

    Pam, I really messed up my hair....I honestly bought a wig. Daughter talked me into it. I like it, but it's a little darker around the bottom edges than my gray. So I dyed my real blonde. It turned out very, very auburn! Lol. Then we cut it really short (well, two of my DDs) so it won't show under the wig. What a time! Miss those days of the hairdresser..

    Spacee, yoga and I do not get along well. Even the gentlest does me in. Wonder why that is? Haven't found anything but simple stretching that I can do without paying dearly for the next day.

    Cooking is a thing of the past for me also. Like you, Pam, I always had cookies, banana bread, zucchini bread, etc. to give to the kids at Christmas. They miss it, but....... heck, a meal for us is rarely a 'meal' anymore. I do make large amounts when I do cook, then freeze for later.

    Weather is cold here, so pain levels are high. I want to run away until spring.........Jole

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jole, I went over to the porch and read your post. Very hard times you have been having.
    I just feel so bad for your loss of your neice. That's a tragedy for sure. Makes my problems
    seem little in comparison.

    And so sorry for all the pain you are in. Pam's too. I couldn't exercise until I took the
    target transfer factors. Then it was very slow baby steps. I have stopped them now.
    Trying other, cheaper things :) It's still a very not normal life though. I am grateful
    for what I can do. Cooking much isn't one of we are all in the same boat there.

    I think family gatherings where every person brings something sounds ideal. We will
    never live close enough to do that..but it still sounds ideal. I don't do well with large
    groups of ppl and after a while, I am either lying down or just sitting and listening to
    the others talk. My dil's 94yo grandmother took a liking to me though :). I think she
    sensed somehow that we were on the same level!!

    Oh, another wiggie here. Well, love your tale about your hair! On What Not to Wear, they
    are always wanting to style the young person's hair. Not let them wear it pulled back.
    Well, at the mall today, hair pulled back was THE style with the young ones.

    Okey dokey, Dr. Jones....I think that is a saying from my youth...Rest, watch tv, read,
    and take care of yourselves! I think Rock's moving might be almost over. We'll need
    to catch him on the Porch Thread but I am glad they will be settled.

  19. jole

    jole Member

    and I don't get along either, Spacee. I have xanax for the panic attacks and it helps a lot, but it's much easier to just skip crowds altogether if possible. Amazing how even the people we love the most can bring on such horrible anxiety. MIL will be 96 next month......the one who just had the 17 units of blood. She will be going with us to our DDs for T-Day, and like with you, she and I usually end up together. We make a great pair. She's very alert and sharp as a tack, but nearly deaf. I hear well, but can't think....


  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Jole, you and your 96 MIL making a pair. One can't hear..the other can. She has a sharp mind and can't think. DIL"s grandmother was extremely sharp too. Pretty agile too. I was sitting
    on a step (lack of chairs) and she came over and sat beside me. And didn't need any help.
    We sure do age differently.

    I have a new thought about things...I was telling huz yesterday. It might not be right.
    My mother lived in the town I grew up in til she passed peacefully at age 85. Active til
    the end. So, I got to see all the parents of kids I knew all those years. Most of them
    looked the same, only older. Very healthy, agile.

    So, I got to thinking....maybe it was all the walking they did back in the 1920's and
    30's and 40's. And, of course, food was fresh back then. Just thinking it had some
    kind of lasting effect. Maybe. Now, canned veggies were available when I was a kid
    and we were raised mainly on canned. Not much nutrition, if any, there. Hmmm.

    Going to go do a bit of decluttering. Have a good day, all.


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