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    i read here that there was an article in woman's day magazine about FM....i got it today...the article was pretty good for the public to was the typical story that we all tell except for theending....i felt like thelady in the story was 'cured'....that she was no longer on disability and was working felt like she downplayed how the disease affected her life....

    her cure was physical therapy, an antidepressant,stretching, yoga, water exercises and an herb filled pillow....

    sorry for sounding so bitter...i have been on a big flare and miserable for the last week...i feel like the article did more damage than good....\most people aren't able to go back to work....this woman was even a nurse!!! like they have an easy job! not! so , will people who read that article think that it is as simple as the woman made it sound?

    the majority of the story was about her search for a diagnosis....then the short ending wrapped it up with her feeling good enough to go back to work...

    ok i want to see what you all think....i hope someone else reads it and tells me if they felt differently.....
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    I have not read the article, but just wanted to say,she may not have had FM at all.

    Or maybe a "mild" case.

    My mother-in-law said she knew someone who "said" they had FM and was "cured", she gave me her number so I could talk to her.

    Well I called and asked what did she do to get well she said, "I went to a chiropractor" that was it!

    I have been going to chiropractors for 15yrs! It was my chiropractor who finally sent me to a pain clinic for test's because he said he could no longer help my condition.

    So who know's, I know we are all different, I worked a long time with muscle tightness and pain so I'm sure I had it then just not as bad. Now I can't drive, cook, clean, or work.

    Those types of stories are frustrating for those of us who are so limited and have tried everything.

    And yes I do think they do a diservice to us.
    It can give the impression that we somehow are not doing all we can to get better or maybe are complainers.

    It would be nice if those who have gotten better ( and I'm happy for them, I hope to be one of them someday:)would clarify that we are all different and some cases are more severe and harder to treat.

    I won't bother to buy it now as I was going to, thank you for the info.;)

  3. Cromwell

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    But they always seem to do this. It is like people who have autistic kids. They get someone who decides the child is autistic when they are like one, even though it could just be delayed milestones. Then they do this miracle CURE and come lecturing me that if I had done this miracle CURE then my kid would not be autistic. They get all the publicity and our kids rot because the schools have nowhere for them.

    I get totally irate as there are so many delusioned people out there. Plus also when we say Danny is autistic, people oimmediately expect him to have some hidden genius quality.GRRRRRRRRR. again.

    I was also once told that people with athritis get it because they are mean spirited!!!! Gee did anyone think the pain may have made them a little tetchy....

    Anyway when I get to the Pand C I'll pick up a copy and read it.

    Love Anne C
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    i guess i better make copies for my parents !!!! lol!!! it would be great if they had the same reaction as yours! mine don't buy it either....they think i am lazy and take drugs....i don't wish this on anyone, but if my younger sister got FM they might sit up and take notice! it tends to run in female family members....hhhhmmmm....
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    I have not read the article and doubt that I will buy the mag now.
    For those of you that did, how about writing to let them know how FM can REALLY be and that there is no "cure". The only way people will know that the woman in the article was lucky is if others point it out. Otherwise people who read the mag will just assume that FM is not a big problem to deal with.
  6. tlc8858

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    I just finished reading it. I didn't feel she was downplaying the disease. I think she was just like the rest of us at first, you get some mental relief once you get a dianosis. The fact that she started a support group means she is still dealing with the pain and wants to help others with it also. I have it also and I still work full time. I have just found ways to get me through day to day. I consider myself fortunate,as I know many of you have more pain that I do and you are doing all you can just to get out of bed everyday. Mine comes in cycles, as I am sure hers will. Anyway, just my opinion
    Hugs to all