The Bachelor changes his mind! LOL!

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  1. What do you think of that! I wanted him to pick Melissa ,I thought. Although according to him she changed after the show.

    I really do like Molly, she seems more grounded. She sure was surprised at the change and looked shocked . I guess we have to remember it is a reality show.

    Jason is really getting joked about on all the morning shows and even on the Jimmy Kimmel show last night. BUT if it didn't work, why stay with someone. I wonder what tonights show will be about? Hopefully he doesn't change his mind again.

    I was surprised Deanna really didn't play much in the show as I thought she would. I think she influenced him to pick Melissa by saying she picked the "fun" guy.????? I couldn't believe she picked him either!

    Why do I watch that show! I really liked Jason and Ty, I guess I need to get a life. LOL! with fibro I tend to watch more tv I guess.

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    What a surprise.. Not sure what I think, I wanted him to pick Molly so maybe they will get together after all. I am wondering if Jason's change had anything to to with Melissa and Ty. Ty seemed to bond with Molly better than Melissa , I am wondering what the show will be about tonight. If I was Molly I would have a lot of questions, like will you do the same thing to me.

    With Fibro it is impossible for me to get a life so any enjoyment I can find I take, so its great when there is something on TV that I have to look forward to . The Bachelor was one of those shows , also American Idol and Jon and Kate, I wanted to see their new home.

    Today I need to do so much but just don't feel up to anything, but yet I feel so restless , I hate FM and CFS..

    Looking forward to see what gives tonight..

  3. greatgran my daughter and granddaughter watch jon and kate also, I never have , Idol doesn't interest me.

    I can't wait to see what happens tonight on Bachelor . I thought he picked Melissa because of Ty too. Actually her (Melissa's) voice was sort of annoying. He said she changed after the show? Who knows. The bad part, the rose ceremony and the followup looked like he picked one gal and then the next min he chose the other, it was actually 6 wks inbetween. I wonder what Jason does for a living?
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    I only watched the Bachelor last night but was painting while "watching" and didn't know which girl was the one who's parents didn't want to meet him?

    Who is Ty? Was Ty and Jason the final 2 in the Bachlorette then the girl that came back last night tried to get him back after it went bad with Ty??

    I watch JOn and Kate too, the house is amazing and sure wouldn't want to clean it, esp like Kate cleans, I missed it last night, did you see the one where they got 2 dogs. I must say Kate is getting on my nerves more, like the show is going to her head. She even made a Talk Soup clip on E! I have watched Talk Soup for YEARS, you know Greg Kinear? He has made many movies, he started on Talk Soup.

    I too spend more time watching TV and the computer, they are my "social life" lol. The tv is always on even if I am cleaning, painting ect. I watch Idol but not hooked on it like I would be so sad I missed it.

    Really didn't know what Molly would do, I guess tonight we see- Thanks for the post-Carla
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    I used to love watching Jon and Kate. I refuse to watch now. It seems like she is totally capitalizing on all this money the show has made for her and she keeps saying "it's for the kids". The kids don't need a 6000 sq ft house. (or however big it is) I saw the show about her wanting a new dishwasher cause the old one was ugly. She's not humble anymore which is what made her so likeable to me. Also - can't stand watching Maddie. LOL

    I'm all for Jason and Molly - better to me that he does what's right. Very sad that someone got hurt so badly - but better to take care of doing what's right for you and being honest early on, then leading someone on for any longer.
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    Yeah what a turn around huh!,,,,,watching Melissa get mad was fun ,,,but then she called him a flithy name so i knew at that point that she wasn't the one for him after all!,,,,,

    I agree that Jason had to make a life decision and that if he wasn't feeling it for Melissa anymore and realized that Molly truley was the one then he did what was right for all concerned!,,,,,,,He wanted to finally get it right!

    I'm actually Glad that he stepped up to the plate and made the decision!,,,,,,They look Happy!!,,,,,i'm with you on watching the show! it's entertainment for us on some level!,,,,,I think she will make him a great wife/partner and a great step Mom for Tye,,,,,what a cute little guy he is ,,i can tell that he has a great relationship with his Dad too!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,although i've never seen anyone cry as much as Jason did on the show ,,i'm guessing that it was just such an emotional roller coaster for him,,,,,,love conquers all they say!.,,,,,,,,S
  7. I agree Melissa seemed to change personalities a bit, I think Jason wanted to be kind when he just said things changed. He is a nice guy. I do like him and Molly together .

    What do you think of all the hoopla about his crying? I thought it showed he was human, BUT they kept reshowing it over and over his crying so it looked like thats all he did.

    I was disappointed, I thought they would pick Stephanie for the next bachelorette. Darn! But I am sure I will be pulled to the show again. Hubby works nights so the tv and computer are part of my life with the dd.

    To the one who asked, fog?...Ty is his little boy who looks like a miniature Jason.
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    Yes I was disappointed that Stephanie wasn't chosen for the new bachelorette too!,,,,,maybe she found someone already!,,Hope so!
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    Ty is Jason's 3 yr old son. I will have to agree with you about Kate she is becoming so controlling, poor Jon. I read she didn't have anything to do with her family. Her sister-in-law Joey was helping her with the children and appreaded on the show and the producers wanted to write Joey in the show as a sitter , Kate had a fit, Joey is Kate's brother's wife. I brought up on google a picture of their estate and its so big the children have to have walky-talkies or whatever you call them so they can find them .

    Back to the Bachelor, I watched it last night and Jason and Molly seemed so in love and she is moving to Seattle, hope it works out for them. I think Jason saw Melissa's true colors after he had chosen her, I am wondering if it had something to do with Ty, as that was a must as Ty will always come first and I admire him for that.

    Yep, this darn dd has not given me much a life except for tv and the computer. I have been aching so lately especially my legs and hips, plus all the other garabge that goes with this dd.

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    I did remember that Ty was his son, Is Molly the one that hit it off with Ty? And Melissa was the one who didn't introduce him to her family?

    Where did you find the "Mansion" on Jon and Kate at? Did you see the show where she was telling the story and Jon interrupted her and she blew him out of the water? That was the clip that made it on Talk Soup. I feel so sorry for him and hope the dogs peed all over her stuff.

    I had a cat once and shared one side of an apt with a room mate, she teased him with a plastic spider, just in play. But he peed in her purse later that day, animals know people. Carla

  11. Melissa is going to be on Ellen today! That ought to be interesting. I want to hear exactly HOW things changed. I wonder if he met her parents? Poor Ty is probably confused.

    I read Melissa is dating a TY! LOL! SIGH!

    I guess everyone is mad at Jason for doing that. I still think alot of it was the way they ran the two shows together. They should have waited and spaced them out so it didn't look like he dumped her right after the show, it was actually 6 wks. I read where Melissa thinks he DID talk to Molly inbetween????????????????????????????????? Why do we watch these.

    BUT according to all who is reading this thread, alot of people watch these shows. lol!

    Carla that is funny a cat peeing in a purse. WHEW does that stink pee! WHEW!