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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Janalynn, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    Is anyone else disappointed in Jake's choice????

    Sorry, I know we can't judge other people's choices in love.
    I just so wanted him to choose Tenley! She has so much more class.

  2. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    and she should be the one on Dancing with the Stars and Jake has now been chosen to dance.
    Who knows, Jake may fall in love again Dancing with the Stars, Vienna will be in the front row watching.

    I really hope Tenley finds a Wonderful person whom will truly care and love her.

    I really see these 2 gals as complete opposites, Tenley will most likely be much better off without Jake.

    This definately has been a strange Bachelor Season, Jake chose Vienna who most thought he would not even consider her, but he did.

    Next Monday will be the Wedding of last years Bachelor.
  3. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I cannot believe Kate Gosselin was selected for dancing With The Stars. She's a star???

    Who next, Octomom? The world is getting more ridiculous by the day......


  4. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    But I watched and watched last night to see who was to be on "Dancing" I'm not going to watch that again becausde I thought he would chose the other girl. Suppose they will marry? It will never last.

  5. kjade

    kjade New Member

    This is the first time that I have watched that cheesy show from beginning to end. It just happened to be on the first night, and I got hooked right away. I think I enjoy all that catty drama. LOL. But I remember as the girls were all getting out of the car, one by one, that the second I saw Tenley, I said "she is going to be the one!" Pretty good guess huh? But sadly, I was wrong. :(

    I didn't care for Vienna at all. Something about her just rubbed me he wrong way. So I can kind of understand why the other girls didn't like her. But honestly, she is one of the last ones that I thought he would choose. However, I knew about 4 episodes ago that he was just really into her. I think it was more of a physical attraction then. That is why I think he didn't choose Tenley....he wasn't physically (meaning sexually) attracted to her.

    I think that is what he meant when he tried to tell Tenley that they didn't have a "physical" relationship. (or whatever it is that he said). Which totally shocked her because she thought they did. He was so wrong for her anyway. He reminded me so much of an ex-boyfriend of mine. I could see right through him. She was way too sweet for him. She'll be much better off in the long run.

    I don't know why I got so hooked on that show. It is such a silly show. I mean really, these 15 or so women just fall madly in love with the same guy like that? And how long does it take to tape this show? A month or two maybe? They were that much in love with this guy after that short of a period of time? And he loved all of them too? It was probably more like a "vacation romance" for them. Being in beautiful places like that? I guess it would be easy in those circumstances to "fall in love". I just don't get it.

    I was disappointed when they announced Jake will be on DWTS. I thought for sure it would be Tenley, since they had Melissa on a couple of seasons ago. Anyway, I really don't think that their relationship will last.

    I heard today that Allie (the one who left him for her job) is going to be the next Bachelorette. I may just have to watch since I already knew her from this season! ;)
  6. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    I am even more disgusted that Kate Gosselin is going to be on Dancing with the Stars!

    I cannot stand her. She needs to go away and get out of the limelight.
    I'm so tired of hearing her saying she does everything for her kids....


    The 'lust' will die off between Jake and Vienna when real life takes hold and 23 yr old Vienna doesn't know what to do. There's more to a relationship that "heat".

    Thank goodness or I'd be in big trouble! LOL
    Okay, my husband and I still have a little heat.

    Ryan and Trista are still married with two little ones! We have seen Ryan and Trista around where we live. Just normal people.
  7. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    for what they're worth...

    I think both Tenley and Vienna would be better off without Jake. Is the program making it such a complete surprise to us, telling Jake to fool us, or was Jake enjoying himself too much with all the women? I think the latter. Now he wants to make Vienna more jealous by starring on the Dancing With the Stars. That figures.

    Any man that gave bad news to their family before I got to meet them in person is nothing but trouble if you ask me. If he defends her so much, then how come he likes how she acts?

    The guy is so full of himself! When what's her name let him go home, he got so fed up that this other guy, the guitar wanna-be musician, was not sent home before him that he went and did a full fledge background check on the guy, thinking that would get him in good graces with her.

    It's okay to admire more than one at the same time, or even date more than one person at the same time, but it's not okay to play house with them at the same time.

    I don't think it will last long. Everyone cuts on Vienna, but I don't think that Jake is much of a man.

    Also, I think that Tenley had some issues of her ex-husband that she didn't let go of yet, as she kept on throwing that out as the reason why she didn't trust men. It takes two to mango.

    What I don't like is Jake's past not being brought up on the show. They go and interview the women prior to the show, weaving them out, and then Jake interviews the women, and then Jake decides on who is more compatible, but think about it... not much came up about Jake's past, yet he dropped the swimsuit model from NY really quick when she didn't completely open up to him. I thought he fell in love with her, but apparently he fell in love with all three... lol!

    I personally think Jake is a Snake. Hope Vienna learns this about him before she gets married to him. He may be hot and cute and have a nice voice, but Jake, I think, expects too much and gives little in return.

    P.S. Alli???? Are you kidding me? It should've been the gal who was third to the last, I forget her name, but she is a swimsuit model in NY? Anyway, Alli would be the first person on the show that isn't model-like looking. But, besides her lack of looks, her personality is strange. Yet, it might be a better show then all of the other shows because she doesn't seem to be the type to play house with everyone, as did some previous Bachelors and Bachelorettes, including Jake. Maybe Alli will make this show much better!!!

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  8. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    You narrowed it all out perfectly.
    Gia, is the swimsuit gals name. Gia has been hurt enough in the past so i am so glad Jake moved on. I think she could find better.

    You are so right about Jake is a snake.

    Hey , who knows , Tenley could be a substitute on Dancing with the stars.

    Vienna has been married before, so who knows she just may be playing games here with Jake too. Jake will get only what he deserves.

    I also think Ali will make the Bachelorette show much better.
    She says she left the Bachelor show or she would have lost her job.
    I hope she can complete the Bachelorette show without her job issues.

    Monday Jason and Molly get married on t.v. I think her wedding dress cost was around $45,000.00 Maybe the Bachelor show paid the cost of the dress along with the wedding ring.
    Expensive taste for sure.
  9. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Is it me? Or do all these people who plead to be on TV have this desire to get into Hollywood or get some kind of attention to make their popularity or sell-a-bility go to the moon?

    In other words, if you look at the type of people who "usually" apply for the Bachelor or the Bachelorette, most if not all tend to have this "Star" Wanna-Be quality.

    Here's some examples:

    1) Gia, a swim suit model, need I say more?

    2) Jake, (besides getting to drink all the wine he had) he is now on Dancing with the Stars... maybe the wine will run dry and he'll get an injury dancing? One can only hope that he gets voted off the show, PDQ. Not until that happens will his ego be crushed. Of course, you know his excuse of his lack of popularity is all due to Vienna, as he cannot take any responsibility of his own behavior. He's such a mama's boy! (Maybe I should shorten this up, but I just hated the show this season.)

    3) Tenley, now I see that she LOVES DRAMA, as I'd give her Drama Queen of the Year Award, with her speech to Jake about how dare he choose Vienna. She'd make a great Broadway show actress!

    4) Mr. Guitar guy on the previous season... need I say more?

    5) Mr. Drama Queen of the Year Award who got together with the last Bachelorette, now he should be in acting, if he isn't already! Mr. IgottaGoHomeAndComeBack MakinggrandEntrance!

    6) Mrs. Future Drama Queen, Alli, who we prefered out of most of the women on there, because at least she had some personality, or did she??? Just watch this next Bachelorette and you'll see that she will deserve her 15 seconds, or is it weeks?, of fame!!!

    I have to stop as I'm wasting time when I should get stuff done, but I had to comment on this post, as it just irritates me that everyone points fingers at Vienna when all she did wrong was BLAB TO OTHERS ABOUT HOW PRECIOUS HER FIRST DATE WITH HIM WAS, not really knowing how stupid she was. Let's not get on her for stupidity. & very stupid she is to revolve around Jake's life. I wouldn't be sitting in the show, watching him fondle Yet MOREEEEE women!!!! Stupid! She's got some years to grow up a bit.

    Tenley set things right to Jake, by mentioning about (Vienna) that the same will or might happen to her.

    But, would we watch if they didn't provide so much drama? I would, but many others wouldn't.


    Do you want me to go on, because I have more examples...

    People should all realize that the show gets better ratings the more controversial it gets, but who would think that the producer was going to start up you know what with one of the girls? And then the interview with the host and accusations that the host was hitting on the producers wife? OMG

    P.S. And how would you like to have been the woman that Jason chose first, and then switched over the Molly? Ugh! How come no one can make up their minds??? But, here's an after thought, Molly and Jason do deserve each other. Jason needs someone to make all the tough decisions for him.

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  10. kjade

    kjade New Member

    Your post describes my feelings about this past seasons PERFECTLY!
    Jake really, really annoyed me to no end. He came across so phony to me. And when he just kept on and on about how he was there to find a wife....that drove me crazy!!
    Who in their right mind goes on a reality show to find a WIFE??!! That is why I think the premise of the show is really stupid. However, I enjoy the drama, I guess....that is why I was suckered in.

    It's just so weird how he goes on all these "dates" with these women, and they all have to just sit there while this "man" that they profess to "love" is busy courting all these other women. I think it's more of an ego thing for these "contestants"....they want to "win"; they want to be the "chosen one". I think that is why they are so devastated when they don't get picked. I find it so silly and so cheesy each week when he stands there handing out the is almost laughable. And Jake's face each week cracked me up. He tried to look so distraught each time he had to let a girl go....because he was so "in love" with ALL of them. ugh!

    If I am being honest, Tenley annoyed me a lot. She seemed like a great, sweet girl and all, but she was almost TOO nice. And she talked WAY too much about her ex-husband. She should know that it is a big turn-off to a new guy when all you do is talk about your ex. It was very obvious that she just wasn't over him.

    I don't think Jane & Vienna will last very long either. Once the novelty wears off, I think they will BOTH move on. They just seem like such an odd couple to me. I dunno....but I can't wait to see what happens on DWTS. Will be interesting for sure.
  11. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    I had thought that this show was good in the beginning. The women seem to act more respectful, on camera, than the men do.

    The part that upsets me the most about this show is what the camera doesn't show and how they use things to provoke people, to market people, to watch the show.

    I also hate the part in which the Bachelor desides to take all three women to the "fantasy" suite. It seems tacky to me for him to take all three women there. Is that to see how they might please him in a way... well, I don't think I need to explain what I'm talking about. And the same goes with the Bachelorette who asks all three men to go up to the "fantasy" suite with her. That is the one part of dating that I think is unlike how society use to think of dating. If you see teenagers get together for a "date," most the time it is for other reasons than the date itself. It is sad. This kind of stuff on the show sure shows how dating has transformed into people willing to drop their values to try to win-over someone.

    I hope Vienna drops him, but unfortunately, Jake found the one gal that will revolve around his world of deceit. I will be watching "Dancing with the Stars," just to observe the snake flirting with other women in front of her, and see how quickly he gets voted off the show. Unfortunately, in this world, outer beauty supercedes inner beauty, especially on that show, and the Bachelor/Bachelorette show as well. This is why I cannot wait to watch the next Bachelorette show with Alli, because she has more inner beauty than others on this show. I just hope that she doesn't fall into the category of men who want to pretend to be all that, after all, she actually liked Jake. Ewe! He was just eye-candy, and that's all.

    Gotta go watch the wedding now between Jason and what's her name.

  12. butterflydream

    butterflydream New Member

    Beautiful Wedding.....gorgeous Dress....and a Rainbow !

    Hope they live Happily everafter..A dream come true for them.
  13. fight4acure

    fight4acure Member

    Wow! I am so surprised by this! Awesome wedding and awesome love they have for each other. I guess I shouldn't judge until I've been in someone's shoes. Just beautiful! I wish them the best!

    I just hope that there is more good that comes out of this rather chaotic, crazy, lust-fest show. More endings like that would be nice, but I do feel sorry for the gal who got canned on public TV.

    Fight :)

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