the bedroom is a battle field

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    thought that would get you attention (hope not the censors :)..

    but this and is no lie. I have not "officially" been diagnosed. Still going through the tests to rule out (MRI next week and then they will give me the prednisone IV .. .. blah.. blah... waitin....) My body and everything I am reading here is hitting home

    Anyway.. to make a long story short. I am in so much pain.. even with the vicodin and Ativan when I go to bed. I fight to find a comfortable spot that won't hurt. when I finally find one and go to sleep .. If I move the pain wakes me up.. which is often

    Question.. I have a feather pillow... is there a better pillow to help me sleep better.. keep me in place and not have any pressure on my body (can't even sleep in a recliner... the pressure on my neck and shoulder hurts to much). If I could sleep standing up I would have it made :))))
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    I'm glad you found us. I'm sorry for all your pain. Is it Fibromyalgia which is suspected? Have they tested you for inflammation? Steroids are not usually used by docs who understand our illnesses unless imflammation is present. FMS is usually not considered an inflammatory condition; however, one can have another condition with the FMS which is inflammatory. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie
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    Welcome to the Board. I Googled "The Bedroom is a Battle Field".
    Got over 10,000,000 hits. One was for a one bedroom flat for rent in
    the Battlefield area of Glasgow. On page three of the list of sites, was
    your post that appears above.

    Anyhoo, there are several boards at this one site. You can find a drop down
    menu upper left. Upper right are the board rules.

    Many of us come here not only for info and suggestions, but for some social
    life. You can find that on the Chit Chat board; discuss kids and pets and
    ornery relatives and pesky neighbors and old cars and golden oldies.

    I hope someone has some helpful info for you.

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    A feather pillow is probably the worst kind to use because it does not give you any support. Think about some kind of foam pillow. There are many out there from cheap to expensive.

    I also find (as many other here do) that lying down is the most painful position. That's why most people search constantly to find the right mattress. I wish there were a perfect single item. It takes a lot of trail and error to find something that helps.

    I hope you find something that helps.
    Take care,
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    Hello! I agree with kbak, a feather pillow is the worst kind. I have 3 pillows and they help at different times, depending on where exactly in my neck the pain is. I have

    a chiropractic pillow (a foam one that is quite firm),
    an orthopedic pillow (one with a dip where your head goes - also quite firm under the neck)
    and a memory-foam pillow.

    Usually one of them helps!
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    I have a wide assortment of props for night time, as I wake up often due to pain.

    I have found that I often have pain when I lie on one side. Deep, deep pain in my hips, ankles, shoulders and even my ear!

    My solution has been to sleep on my back - I put a big fluffy pillow under my knees and a bunch under my neck/head. It is as though I am sitting up.

    sooooo much less pain! I use a combo of memory foam and feather pillows.