The Benefits of Eating Right with Fibromyalgia

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    Eating a clean, well balanced diet has many benefits for everyone; even more for those of us suffering from Fibromyalgia Syndrome.
    Eating frequent, small meals keeps blood sugar levels stable, allowing for more sustained energy, rather than the instant spike of energy you may feel after a large meal, followed by the unavoidable energy crash.
    Many studies have shown that fibromyalgia causes digestive problems, including the inablilty to absorb nutrients as quickly and efficiently as someone with a healthy body. This makes it even more important to eat a healthy diet filled with nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, soy products and fresh, leans proteins and low fat or non-fat dairy.
    If you cannot tolerate dairy, there are many tasty soy products out there that will substitute just fine. These products include soy cheeses, soy milk, soy burgers, soy yogurt, even soy bacon! Look for brand names such as Morningstar Farms, Boca and Gardenburger in the frozen section.
    Another way to ensure that you are getting your proper daily intake of vitamins and minerals is to take a daily multi-vitamin. Immune Support ( makes a multi-vitamin specifically formulated for FM sufferers, along with a large selection of other natural supplements to help with the pain and fatigue that accompany this illness. I take Immune Support’s multi-vitamin myself and since I started I’ve noticed a significant increase in energy and slightly less periods of pain from FM. Most common multi-vitamins will do just fine, and you can find them at most grocery or general stores.
    Drinking plenty of water is another key to a healthy diet. By keeping your body well hydrated, your digestive system is able to function more efficiently, allowing faster breakdown of food and quicker transportation of nutrients through the blood stream.
    Along with consuming plenty of the good stuff, it is also a good idea to limit, if not eliminate, all of the not so good stuff, such as alcohol, sugar and some saturated fat. Alcohol has been shown to slow down nutrient absorption and hinder sleep, another important factor in managing FM. Sugar is full of non-nutrient (empty) calories which cause unstable energy levels. And saturated fats can cause heart problems.
    For more information check out [url removed as per rules]
    Click on fibromyalgia on the left hand side.

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    couldrtou space the paragraphs as alot of us cannot read log atricles without a break! Thanks,Linda
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    I appreciate the nightmare of fibromyalgia and
    depression that you have lived through. I am also thrilled
    that you have found your way back to enjoy good health
    and an active, productive and vital lifestyle.

    I also appreciate any information members list here.
    I can attribute almost all of my successes health-wise
    to the generous sharing of experiences our members have posted.

    You have been a member here since last January. Like
    all of us, you had to review the rules and agree to
    follow them before becoming an active, posting member.

    Just today, you have posted your personal website at
    least three times and it is also found on your bio.

    As members, we are not allowed to post web address for
    websites that sell products or are designed for monetary
    gain. It is really agaist the rules for a member to
    advertise her own business to a ready-made market of potential clients.

    I really can't see how this hasn't crossed your mind
    as the prices for your services, individual,group, in-home
    or 7-day meal plan is right there on the front page for
    all to read.

    So many of us are desperate here. The rule not to
    allow website posting for business gain is for our protection. We get taken advantage of all the time. This
    message board is the one place we can count on for support and understanding. We can trust one another to not profit
    off our illnesses and desperation.

    You are badly destroying that trust by promoting your
    business here. The imformation may have a place here, but
    your personal financial gain does not.

    Thank you for your time,

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    Hi Stormieblond,
    I have a sister that is real sick with Scleraderma/Raynauds.
    It has gone to her brain ,throat, heart, kidney's, & liver.
    The 12th. of September the surgeon will install a new battery to help control pain. Now, my sister has suffered with this since she was 14. We did everything the doctor's wanted us to do/ it failed.So we started looking for help in other area's and might have found it!!Please look at these site's/ they have educated us. "Glyconutrients / they are the 8 essential sugars no one told us about, please just read!!
    Also, Please just read!
    I hope this will help you, we are learning alot everyday.
    Also, my sister is just 43.
    We will pray for you too, to get some relief!

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