The best news ever!!!!

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    I just had the most awesome appointment with my new chiropractor!! He was the nicest doc I have ever seen! He's using ART for my carpal tunnel. He's not pushing chiro, in fact, he didn't even touch my spine. He's so nice and compassionate. He didn't even guffaw at my FMS. He went gentler on me because I have FM. He didn't do a lot today, because he wants to start slow and not hurt me.

    I have a $500 limit on chiro work, but he explained that ART is a form of physical therapy and he will bill it as such, so maybe I won't be limited. He said sometimes, though, insurance companies just see the word chiropractor and assume that it's spine manipulation. He also explained that ART can be done by any doctor. He just happens to be the closest ART certified person to me (he's 30 miles away).

    I'll be seeing him twice a week for now. He said that even if I didn't have insurance, he would still see that I got treatment.

    I was so overcome with emotion that I actually hugged him!!! How's that for pathetic... I'm so happy that there's a chance for some of my pain to be alleviated.

    Sorry to rant, but I just had to tell all my new friends this exciting bit of news..

    LOL, Debbie