The best that I have felt in years thanks to TENS Unit

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    Hi all! I new to this site and was browsing through some of the previous posts. I came across a few that were questioning the effectivness of a TENS unit.

    My answer: I because of this machine, I am 100% off my pain meds!!!!!

    Let me just tell you that it has been a miracle maker for me. For those who do not know what exactly a TENS unit is, let me breifly explain. It is a little box about the size of a cassett tape and is extremely light weight so that you can clip it to your waistband. It has two long wires with two electrodes attached to each end. These electrodes are to be attached to areas of pain such as your back and deliver little electric shocks. It sounds painful, but I actually find it very relaxing. The machine has various settings of intensity (which should be set according to your Dr.'s instructions).

    Now let me tell you how much this unit has changed my life. I wear it all day every day and use it in 30 min intervals. I can now do so many things that I have not been able to do for years because of back pain. I can not only cook a full meal but I can also wash the dishes afterwards. I can do my own laundry and even carry groceries up to my apt.

    Last weekend was the ultimate test. I went with my mom to the Philly Flower Show....had to drive 2 hrs.....walked around for almost 8 hrs....and drove another 2 hrs home. Now if I had tried to do this two months ago I would never have survived the car ride, never mind the 8 hrs of walking. I must say that I felt ok afterwards and the thing that hurt the most were my feet! I expected to wake up the next morning and not be able to even get out of bed, but I felt good as new! I felt so good in fact that my husband and I played 2hrs of racquetball that afternoon. I never thought I would see the inside of a court again let alone the very next day after something as physically taxing as the flower show.

    Needless to say, I am so exicted about the future now. I am able to exercise with little discomfort and can not wait to finally loose the extra 100 lbs that I have been carrying around for 5 years.

    Not only do I feel better physically but also I feel better mentally. I feel human again, it feels so good to be able to do "NORMAL PEOPLE" things.

    My advise to anyone out there is to discuss this with your Dr. What do you have to loose? Good Luck!
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    Do you buy or rent this little machine? Does a pain doctor prescibe this?
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    I was questioning someone earlier about what exactly it was. I have never heard it called a TENS unit before. I have one that I bought for 20 bucks at CVS pharmacy. It helps somedays mainly on my shoulders. You can find them all over the place now. Mine is called an ElectroSage 8 and is put out by Igia. Doesnt work all the time but does give some relief.

  4. TamaraFetterman

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    My insurance required a one month rental trial period but then they purchased it for me. The insurance covered the entire cost of the machine, (close to $300.00)however, I do have to pay for the cost of the replacement electrodes ($10.00)per pack of 4. I usually end up replacing them about once a week when the gel is no longer sticky. I also tape the electrodes on and this helps them to stay in place and helps them to last a little longer.

    My pain mgmt Dr. had prescribed this machine for me after I had used it during my physical therapy. He thought that the insurance would not pay for it unless we could prove that it worked during my therapy. I now know that those steps were not needed. I could have gotten it a lot sooner. All that was needed was a prescription for a one month trial and then one to actually but the machine.

    I have a question for the person who said they bought one of these machines at a local drug store for $30.00. Are you sure that it is the same type of machine? The one I have controls on the outside for the strength of the pulses but inside the protective cover there are also three other controls. One is for the type of pulses: constant, burst, and modualted. It also has two other controls one for Hz (up to 200) abd the other for Us (up to 250). I think they stand for pulse frequency and pulse width.

    Can you change those type of settings on your machine? How high do the settings go? Maybe the settings are not correct for the type of pain you are using the machine for. My doctor gave me the different settings to use depending on where I was using the machine. If you use too low of a setting you will not experience the full releif and if the setting is too high then you could possibly hurt yourself. Let me know more about your machine, I'm curious. If it is the same I may just go buy one so that I can use it on my shoulders while my other one is on my back.