The book " The Polio Paradox"

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    Has anyone read this book by Richard L Bruno? I have not but I was told about it. I seems there is some kind of connection between polio and Fibro.

    I am going to see if I can find it. ggks

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    There have been many posts on this. I actually was going to ask again if there were any people on here who also had polio.

    I did and now have Post Polio Syndrome. The symtoms are so simiular to CFS/Fibro. It makes it very hard to get treated because you don't know which one is acting up.

    just looked at book on Amazon you can get it for 9.12 used. however Iam going to ck out at library. Looking forward to reading it as my problems are becoming critical and help is scarce now.
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    Hi Jen, you and my yougest daughter have the same name. I have post polio and fibromyalgia among a ton of other things. Did you just find out you have Post Polio? I had polio at 4 in my spine. Yes the symptoms are very similar. I am 68 and showed signs of PP around 20. Everything gets worse over time. I have studied PP on the computor for yrs and fibro. I gave up on what is what. You just want your symptoms treated anyway, mostly for pain, and sleep issues for me. Now I have neuropathy really bad. I take neurontin for that and it helps a lot. Do you have restless leg syndrome? That goes with PP and I got it around 19. Well I will pick this up tomorrow. Please feel free to talk to me about this. It is good to have someone to talk about it because there aren*t too many of us around. You will find a lot of info in the comp. I just feel very fortunant that I am not in a wheel chair. I do use a cane part of the time in the winter. We have mild winters here in Ca. Where do you live. Take care, hope we can talk later, Sherry
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    The book talks about post-polio syndrome.
    Post-polio syndrome is similar to chronic fatigue syndrome.
    There is a chapter on chronic fatigue syndrome.
    It talks about how people who have post-polio syndrome need to
    pace themselves and not push themsleves too hard.
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    This website seems to agree that children of polio survivors can have FM symptoms for Polios.html
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    I discovered quercetin works well at combating the inflammation that causes a lot of my arthritic pain. It didn't work for me until I doubled my dosage.