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  1. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Hi All,

    Just got back from my daughters again.Went in to look after grandbabies.My daughter's incision from C-section was
    totally infected.

    Thought she would have to go in and reopen the incision to get the poison out.Boy was she ever sick.They gave her heavy duty penicillin to try to knock it out.

    She slept all days and stayed up nites with the baby.I did the housework and took care of Jonah and sent the little one off to school.

    Well the pills for the infection worked.She is now doing her own stuff,Thank God she did not need the surgery.To me, that would be torture to reopen her.She would be off her feet again for weeks.So God heard my prayers!!

    But now I am back to the bottom again.This really hit me hard.I have been in bed as much as possible.That wicked nausea is strong this time.So I am back to eating gravol like tic-taks.And I have no strength.The pain is no fun either.

    It is the result of all the stuff at my daughters and the stress.Thank God it waited till I got home.

    No matter how bad I feel,I would go again to help her in a heartbeat!!As any parent would.

    I am just sooo glad that she will be ok!!!

    I hope this finds you all doing your best to pamper yourselves.Enjoy the *good* days.Because the BAD ones

    You All Take Care!!
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    and what a lovely picture of the 2 grand babies.

    I am so glad shes ok........I had an infection after mine and had to be opened up again........It was awful so I really happy that things turned out ok...

    Take care
  3. Jordane

    Jordane New Member

    Thank you both,

    Seems like I only get on here to complain.I am so sorry about that!!!

    But this DD. just seems to be neverending.You think your ok, then your not.

    You all know what I mean!!

    Yes Sue my grandbabies are so precious and I loved being with them.I just wish I could do it without the DD. bottoming out on me.

    Thanks Prickles,my daughter is doing better now.Thank God!! She has been thru soooo much.

    You both take care!!!
    Hugzzz, Jordane

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