The butter-fried breaded catfish was right tasty, Diane. :)

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  1. GreenOnions

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    I was a havin to eat over the sink, acause the whole Kitty Crew was a tryin to steal my supper. :) I reckon as catfish is a right big hit with em. lol

    I been workin on the rockin chair. Rachel called last night, n threatened to turn Mittens loose on me iffen I don't git it done right quick. lol

    How are you n the kitties n the doggie a doin?
    Jerry, a gonna heat up some butter fried catfish fer lunch. :)
  2. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Sounds like Kevin really liked his chicken. lol I asked Ted fer a chicken Thursday. I figger I'll be eatin catfish till then. :)

    I got the bottom a the chair put together, n I been carvin the slats fer the back. :) When Yogi ain't on the TV, KK's been out helpi9n me. :) He's a standin on the rungs a the rocker, rockin back n forth. :)

    Bob's been a watchin his cartoons all day. :) He comes out n squawks when it's time to change the DVD. lol

    My catfish is right tasty. I had a piece a butter fried catfish n a piece a bacon fried catfish fer lunch. :) What'd y'all have fer lunch today? Does Kevin take his lunches, or does he just buy somethin?
    Jerry, who reckons as he's done workin on the rocker fer today. :)
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    With my DH here most of the time and not playing golf and the horrible wet weather we have been having here I havaen;t been able to get on the computer to see how you allw wee doing. I ssee that JEYYY starated a new thread not to long ago. That is great. Don;lt have to wait so long for it to load and get to the last post.

    Jerry - I see you have been busy frying up catfish. MMM that is really good. Lots of good places around here that have it here whee we have. I donpt think we ever had catfish till we moived to New Orleansa and then to Houston.. Yummy seafood ! How funny having to eat over the sink so the Kitty Krew do not steal it all from you. How funny that Rachel has been threatening you with Mittens if you haven't done some more work on the rocking chairs !
    Guess you had better get movin on those chairs (-: !!

    Diane - Well, it looks like Tabeet is trying to steal whatever you are all eating. Hope that Faith is at least getting some of it. Poor Kevin, hope he doesn't get indigestion bolting it down while holding Tabeet. Sorry you are still having some allergy problems. Hope it goes away soon. Have you tried anything stronger from the doctor's prescrition yet? Zybec, that used to be apresc. is not OTC but it is not to cheap I know.

    We have had terrible rains lately and Houston had some bad flooding this morning and last night,. We had some bad rain but not quite as bad. Houston has alot more low areas than we do but we do have some around here.
    Better run for now,

    Granni - I have to think about dressing up to go to a meeting/dinner with DH so I need to find better clothes and put on some makup so I donot scare people l YIKES !

    Hope to check in with you all tomorrow.
  4. GreenOnions

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    I'm a gonna be eatin standin up again tonight. lol Every time I go to the fridge fer somethin, KK tries to get in to where the fish is. :)

    It's kinda nasty lookin outside, n we're gittin some sprinkles n such, but ain't no storms been through yet. I'm a hopin we get some rain, but no storms. I ain't got no yearnin to be out cuttin up trees in the rain. lol

    It's sure gittin cooler, though. :) N I'm right happy about that. I musta sweated out a gallon last night. :)

    Bob just come a runnin in from the kitchen, n must notta seen KK a walkin across the room. Acause Bob didn't fit under KK, n he's too fat to jump over KK. lol So right now, Bob's a squawkin n a runnin fer is life, with KK right on is tail. :)

    Jerry, a headin fer some coffee. :)
  5. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I went n looked at yer picture, n spit on my monitor, my keyboard, my desk, my shirt, my floor, my Bob, n my KK. lol But it stopped the chasin. lol

    Yer plum guilty!
    Jerry, who's gotta git a clean shirt on. lol
  6. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Bob's back to watchin his cartoons, n KK's a sittin there, a trillin at Yogi. :) But I figger just soons KK hears the fridge door openin, he'll come a runnin. lol

    Is Kevin plannin on chicken fer supper again? lol

    We're a gittin rain, but no wind, n no lightnin so far. I'm a keepin my fingers crossed. :)

    I reckon as I'd best git in the kitchen, n git some a that fish in a fryin pan, fer heatin. :) Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow, my friend. :)
    Jerry, wearin a clean, dry shirt. :)
  7. GreenOnions

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    Sounds like yer just plum havin a bad week so far, Diane. :( But at least ya got a kitten on yer pillow. :) That'll brighten a dark day. :)

    I wouldn't worry none too much about the stuff in yer fridge. Iffen ya didn't open the door all night, n only opened it a couple a times this mornin, I'd say ya ain't got nothin to worry about. :)

    Me n the Kitty Crew has been havin a purty good mornin. It's a mite bit chilly, so we got the Ben Franklins a goin, n Big Al, Samson, n Hercules is stickin close to the stove here in the office, n Bob's been a watchin his cartoons, a course, n KK's been helpin me work on carvin the slats fer the rockin chair. :)

    I just went n looked at the thermometer, n it's right on 55 outside.
    Jerry, a headin fer a fried boloney sandwich. :)
  8. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I went n looked at yer picture, n ya got me! lol I done spit on my monitor, my keyboard, my desk, my shirt, my lap, my Big Al, who moved to on toppa the monitor, n my KK n Socky, who jumped up in my lap just about 30 seconds afore I exploded. lol

    KK's been doin some rockin, but he's been beatin up on the curls comin offa the slats. :) He's purty tough, too. I ain't been attacked by a curl yet, leastways. lol

    Jerry, in a dry shirt n pants. lol
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I see things are much the same by you all.

    Jerry's still spitting after lookiin at Diane's profile pic. That is another cutie Diane. All the kitties sound like they are just having a ball at both of your places, either playing, stealing food, watching cartoons or resting and enjoying the sun. What a life !!!I see it is cool at your places too. It has warmed up quite a bit here latel -like 70's - 80's or so already.

    Diane - yes it poured at our house the other day and night too but we didnt have to much flooding or as much as some Some had 11-13 " or so. Alkso other parts of Houston are also VERY low and take the water really fast. However, some parts of Houston really got it very bad with terrible flooding. I sent a note to two of my kids and are waiting to hear from them. Both lived sort of close to the problem areas. I am guessing they are find. If they needed help Iam sure we would have known.

    That kitty is like me, in your profile - he/she likes Italian food. Ij ust love it. Sorry your allergies are driving you crazy. Many have the same problem here to with the pollen or whatever else is floating around in the air.,

    DH has been at home alot due to not playig much golf and the weather . So, he gets onthe compiuter and Ican;t get on till he gets up to dosomething. Of course we only have one of them. Darn it !! So I have to keep on trying through the day to check my buddies hereon the boards.

    Granni - needing to get off and do something constructive today. We went to the gym and worked out some and I finally folded the clothes from the drier from yesterday. Hope to talk to you all tomorrow.
  10. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I got a call from Jenny. Seems as yer picture done made er spit chicken noodle soup on Bethany. lol

    Jerry, who's been a laughin so hard since Jenny called that he just about had an accident. lol
  11. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Ben called. Seems Lizzie's got cream n sugar in er ear. Ya done made Wendy spit on her Ma. lol

    Yer circle a infamy is growin, ain't it? lol

    I'm just waitin to hear from Ted. :) I figger somebody musta spit on Mittens by now. lol
    Jerry, who's havin a hard time breathin. :)
  12. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Faith sounds like a right silly kitten! lol Or does Sally start givin her rubbies then? :)

    I waxed the hallway floor this afternoon, n KK is lovin it. :) He gits a runnin as fasts he can afore he hits the hallway, n just slides down the hallway on is belly. lol

    Still no Spittin on Mittens call. :)
    Jerry, a thinkin a fried catfish. :)
  13. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Mittens was so scared a gittin spit on when Cindy looked at yer picture, she run over n jumped on Mary's lap, makin Mary spill her Pepsi. lol

    Yer claimin more victims! :)
    Jerry, a wonderin where I put my slicker. lol
  14. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I still ain't found my slicker yet. lol

    I just noticed the time. I best git my behind in the kitchen, n git supper on the stove. The boy's a gonna be callin at 7:30.

    Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, my friend. :)

    Jerry, off to eat the last a the catfish. :)

    PS: Poor Sally. Sounds like yer Faith is a mite bit a a troublemaker. lol
  15. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I'm right glad yer internet is workin again. :) Iffen they's just havin lunch, ya need to go whomp a couple of em with yer fryin pan, n tell em to hurry up n git done. :)

    It's a right good day fer sleepin. It rained off n on here all night. Rain makes me sleepy. :)

    Yep, it's a gonna be chicken n dumplins tonight. :) KK's a gonna help, I figger. lol I done got the chicken plucked n cleaned, n it's in a stewpot on the stove, makin broth. :)

    Did Kevin git yer phone a workin?

    I reckon as Kevin's a gonna be eatin high on the hog Saturday, gittin pizza and fresh baked bread. :)

    N I'm right glad ya slept a mite bit better. :) I slept like a baby, covered in kitties. :) Was Faith on yer head this mornin?

    I best git back to carvin those slats. Reckon as I'll be back in a mite bit. :)
    Jerry, hopin KK's a gonna protect me from them wood curls. lol
  16. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    I went n looked at yer picture, n ya got me. I had to clean up, n change my shirt, ya little fart. lol

    I expect KK's a gonna wanna help with the biscuit dough fer the dumplins, n I know fer sure him n the rest a the Kitty Crew is a gonna wanna help eat em, n the chicken too. lol N I was smart enough to do the pluckin n cleanin out in the barn, with the cat door locked. :)

    I hope the new wall plate is all ya need. It can be a right pain in the hind end, runnin wire down through a wall. :)

    I'm a wonderin iffen Faith is related to Mittens the Evil Kitten? I wonder what Kevin thinks? lol

    N I'm right glad Faith is gittin less skittish. :) I told ya she was a gonna end up bein close to ya. :)

    I reckon as I best go stir my chicken. :)
    Jerry, waitin fer the calls tellin me about yer evil influences makin people spit. :)
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I zoomed through all your posts so I a am sure I missed something along the way,

    Diane - what did that Faith do ? I knew I missed something. I heard that Jerry siad that maybe Fatih was related to Mittens the evil kitten or something like that. I checked out your new pic. Now that is adorabale with that mousey scaring the kitty. Glad that Faith is getting less skittish.

    Jerry - Now I told you to wear your slicker every time you peak at Diane's bio pic (-: !! LOL
    She always something funny to share. MMM-chicken and dumplings sound wonderful but I never had to pluck a chicken before. DID YOU DIANE ( EVER PLUCK A CHICKEN FOR YOUR DINNER)?? Are the dumplings you make like fat noddles. The ones we had up north were the round fluffy ones. I was surproised when we moved down south and saw fhe flatter kind that look like fat noodles. Both are goodi if you ask me.

    Well, I will be out tonight and then part of the day tomorrow and then off to our eldest daughters to spend the night, We will watch her dance in her Hish School Spring Show. We wiill also see our grandson at his Ti Kwon Do ceremoney and the next day we might see out other grandson;s baseball game. Wish his game was earlier though and not at 2. I know DH will be anxious to get home.

    Well, not sure when I will get back nest as we will leave early tomorrow to go to our daughters and will stay ovr night.


    Granni - off to try and figure out what I shouldl do next with my busy schedule coming up the next few days.

  18. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    KK sure as shootin give me a look when I come in with the cleaned chicken, n didn't let im git is paws on the chicken bits. lol

    It sounds like Faith has come a ways, since ya got er. :) I'm right glad. :)

    Is Tabeet still sleepin on Kevin's foot of an evenin?

    N naw, no calls yet. :) But I'm still a figgerin I'll git one or two. :)
    Jerry, wonderin iffen I should go ahead n put together the biscuit mix? :)

    PS: Mary called. Ya done got Cindy n Mittens, ya little fart. lol Ya made Ted spit coffee on both a them. :)
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  19. GreenOnions

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    N did ya send those guys down here to mess up my internet? lol I was right in the middle a postin, n I lost my connection.

    The dumplins is all ready to go in the broth. It's on the stove, comin up to a boil. :) I can't remember, does Kevin make dumplins?

    Howdy, Granni. Yep, I'm a gonna have to find my slicker. :)
    Jerry, headin off to check on the broth. :)

    PS: Ya done got Ben! Lizzie just called, n she's laughin fit to bust. Wendy spit on her Pa, lookin at yer picture. :)
  20. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Seeins she yers, n yer the Guilty Girl. lol I got a call from Henry. Seems as ya made his roommate spit on is girlfriend. lol Henry was a laughin so hard, he got the hiccups. :)

    Yep, the house smells right good. :) They ain't much what smells bettern dumplins a cookin. :)

    Iffen yer fridge is like mine, ya ain't never gonna find a note taped to it. lol I still got up t a picture that Henry drew in fifth grade. :) Brenda wouldn't take it down come heck or high water, so it'll stay there so long as I got that fridge. :)

    I had the same problem with ProHealth a mite bit ago. I figgered it were just me. Reckon not, now. :)

    Is the chases a goin on yet?

    Well, the timer just went off, so I reckon I best go git my supper et. :) Y'all have yerself a right good evenin, my friend, n I'll talk to ya tomorrow. :)

    Jerry, mouth waterin, a wonderin iffen I'm a gonna have to eat over the sink again today? lol