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  1. CFSMan

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    Hi all

    I wanted to let people know of the following article on CFS:

    It has a channeled message on the underlying causes of CFS which originate at a much deeper level than the physical.
    Whether one accepts the concept of channeling or not the information rings true.
    It certainly resonated with me, and has made me more optimistic about a complete recovery.

    Hope it is of help to others also.

    Best wishes
  2. JenniferAnn539

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    Interesting notion.

    Thanks for the post.

  3. foggyfroggy

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    Interesting stuff, and the power of positive thought and spirituality in healing is irrefutable. I have read again and again peoples words on how they would not change the experience of having had CFS due to the knowledge they gained about themselves and how much they had spiritually grown.

  4. mbofov

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    Thanks for posting. THere do seem to be many different varieties of CFIDS - some associated with FM, some aren't, different people have varying viral and bacterial infections, different types of onset due to illness or accidents or long-term severe stress, etc. So I don't think it's a one-size-fits-all illness, and the channeled message will probably apply more to some and less to others.

    But portions of the article resonated with me as well, it was very interesting, so thanks for posting.

  5. CFSMan

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    It seems that my post has stirred up a lot of emotions for some people.
    All i wanted to do was share what was for me positive and uplifting information in the hope that others who identified with that could also benefit.
    Even if one person benefited from this, the post will have been worthwhile.

    I have had CFS for about 4 years, with the usual problems. In that time i have tried many things to cure it but without much success. It is when i began to look at the deeper issues, at the mental/emotional/spiritual level, that i started to make significant improvement. Staying positive was for me an important factor. I have been gradually improving for the last year or so and am now about 70% recovered.
    My CFS was triggered by overwork but i don't believe it was 'caused' by it at the fundamental level. There were a lot of mental/emotional factors attached to it at the time. For when i considered why i overworked in the first place i realized there were issues of self respect, honoring who i was, speaking out, etc.
    That is not to say that everyone who gets CFS by overworking has a similar link, but i believe from my investigations that the mental/emotional/spiritual aspect is an important component in many (but not all) cases.

    Even with something like glandular fever which would appear to be a purely physical cause, some people have argued that the reason the fever takes hold is because the body, and in particular the immune system, is compromised as a result of mental/emotional stresses, etc.
    One such person is Dr John Eaton who has come up with his Reverse Therapy method for treating CFS and FM based on a similar principle (
    I haven't looked into it enough to judge the success of this, but he and those he trained claim a greater than 80% success rate in curing or significantly improving CFS and FM.
    This is an area i am investigating at the moment and would be interested to hear from anyone who has had experience with Reverse Therapy.

    Best wishes
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    I'm sure there was no harm meant since there's no sales or anything on this site.

    The power of thought (positive or negative) sure have SOME impact on us. I find it alittle odd though, that me, my sister and brother and mom all have the same diagnosis (well, I am still waiting for a definite). Are we all suffering the same spiritual ailment resulting in the very same symptomalagy? Why didn't we develop different immuno suppressed illnesses?

    Nah, I'm going to watch TV and have a good cuppa' coffee!
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    Sorry if we all seem a little skeptical here as for myself I say if i works for you great.

    I personaly have had times of feeling pretty darn goos and would find myself wondering what did I do different so I can keep doing it and then one day it would all come back the pain the fatuige the all over general yukyness.

    Why was it the weather was it something I did or didn't do don't know all I know si I am tired and weary of trying to figure it out.

    those times when I felt good I was happy so why would I suddenly not be happy and want the pain back. does not sound logical to me.

    But I sincerly hope that you continue to heal and get well.
    and do do a bio and please keep us updated on your well being.
  8. AnjieCFSFM

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    How different we all are. I don't believe in channeling or anything outside of God's Word(even though I don't always follow IT as I should.I'm WAY off,at times!) I do,however,believe the mind is a powerful thing. The frustration here is that no matter how optimistic I get, or no matter how careful I try to be in trying new ways to 'get better','s always the same thing and has been since 1985. The depression set in as the pain got worse and I felt my life changing for the worse because of it. If something works for you...share it. It may help some get better. It's just sad, though, how people(ie. Oprah and her followers...sorry Oprah...truth hurts,sometimes) take something like this and make those it DOESN'T work for feel like they're 'lazy' or 'on a bandwagon' because they can't get their 'act together' like those who've overcome...
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    Not even sure what I want to say about this thread. I did read the article and do see some value in the thought process. I don't however, feel I have Fibro/CFS because I don't know who I am.

    There is something to being positive about life.... though being positive does not heal our physical issues, it can contribute to our recovery.

    Just as we all share info about meds and supplements, we should be able to share info about our belief systems. We can learn from all of it.
  10. alyssalyn

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    To painintheeverywhere ...

    I have been participating here off and on for several years.. and this is the first I've seen something along this nature. Please don't jump to conclusions about the board.. please stay.

    My attitude is that anything is possible, but that there is some stuff that can neither be proven nor disproven, and that I will, for now, stick with the things I can prove that help me (diet, etc.).

  11. Hootie1

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    I only read the article about CFS, I could not find anything about FM? I really didn't see the problem behind the CFS article. It appears that the discussion revolves around the results not the cause.

    It may not be for everyone but I don't think CFSMan meant any harm. On the otherhand, I may be missing something - I admit. We'll keep an eye on this for the protection of everyone.
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    Never perceive yourself as a victim. That's why you always must take full responsibility for where you are in life. It seems harsh at first, but it can truly be freeing.

    There is an undeniable mind-body connection. But there are likely certain things wrong with your body. I think that the vast majority of CFS patients could 'heal' themselves if they adopted the right dietary guidelines, proper suplementation, meditation, and visualization techniques. Altering the diet/nutritional intake and changing the way in which you think... eliminating negative thoughts... stripping away limiting beliefs... All of that can bring about a cure. That's how I beat my CFS. I can tell anyone the list of supplements that I took... my diet.. etc. I'm more than willing to share.
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  13. totalimpact

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    Thanks for being so cool and so understanding. When I look at the entire cosmology of CFS.. of my own situation... it all makes so much sense. Granted, a horrible case of mono, and my refusal to rest properly, led to the initial onset of my CFS. But there were lots of other factors working there... I was a profoundly angry person at 17... lots of issues with my father... etc. When I got sick.. I was also in a bad place, mentally and emotionally. That compounded the sickness. Then there was a year of anger.. just being so angry at the world.. at the doctors who didn't understand (or even attempt to).. then, I just let it all go. I released all of the anger, and I accepted my life as my own. I took responsibility for it all. Now, I'm in better health than ever before. Doesn't this make so much more sense than western medicine? Doesn't it seem so much better than a million prescription drugs that will throw your body out of balance? To me, it does.
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  14. dleaning

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    only to get jumped on. Everyone has their own opinion. Cut the guy a break.[This Message was Edited on 09/09/2006]
  15. Mikie

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    With the conclusion of the author regarding the cause of CFIDS, it was an interesting read and I thank you for posting this.

    CFIDS may well turn out to be one of the most complex illnesses in existence. There are many triggering events and research has found gene mutations. This, at least, gets us beyond blaming depression for all of what ails us. Depression often accompanies our illnesses but is not the "one cause" as some have tried to theorize. I doubt the theory presented in this article is valid if the author believes this is the sole cause of our illnesses. It is true that most of us were high achievers and when this illness hits us, we can have some real feelings of lost identity and we can feel impotent. Most of us were formerly pretty much in control of our lives before this blindsided us.

    That said, I do believe strongly in the mind/body/spirit connecton. We need to heal on all three levels. We must each find our own way of doing this. It is amazing what believing can do in our lives. It isn't smoke and mirrors. What we believe can cause physical, electrical and chemical changes in our bodies. As some of y'all know, after reading a lot and watching "What The BLEEP Do We Know," and "The Secret," I have been trying to practice meditation and intention. The results have been amazing.

    Quantum physics is leaning toward intelligent energy in the Universe. We can affect our physical environment, and ourselves, through our thoughts, what we focus on. This isn't the whole ball of wax when it comes to treatments. It is part of an overall regimen just as diet, lifestyle, and medical treatment play into our healing. These ideas span all the religions and do not contradict any of them. Science and religion are moving closer together. Meditation and prayer are accepted universally as beneficial.

    It can be very difficult at first to accept that we might have the power to help heal ourselves just with our thoughts. Once this is accepted, however, it gets rid of the victim identification. If one feels victimized, one cannot heal. We should not blame ourselves for our illnesses but we are not powerless against them. There are many of us who, despite some setbacks, have made a lot of progress. I'm one of them. I wish healing for all of us.

    Love, Mikie
  16. totalimpact

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    It just seems like so many people on this board are so angry and so suspicious of anyone who is offering anything different. And thats just sad.
  17. Slayadragon

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    The more I read, the more it seems that almost every disease has an element of inherited predisposition and an element of external trigger (whether it be viral, environmental, whatever).

    This seems to be the case even for things like obesity (which is usually seen as a lack of control), and certainly for mental disorders such as depression. Common ailments such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes too, of course.

    It also is the case with all these diseases that a lower level of stress is enormously helpful in allowing the body to fight the disease effectively. Whether this decreased stress is caused by religious or spiritual belief, slowing down our way of living, meditation, positive thinking, therapy or whatever doesn't seem to matter.

    I don't think we should blame ourselves for this disease any more than someone with high blood pressure blames himself/herself. That sort of blame creates more stress, which is the last thing we need.

    Having to live less "full" lives than we would prefer (and did before the disease got triggered) is for many of us a never-ending source of unhappiness. I still have not gotten to the point where I am totally at peace with my limitations. To some extent that has been good, in that it has encouraged me to search for new treatments (some of which have been moderately helpful). The continuing mild wishfulness that things were different probably is a source of stress, but I hardly think it's my main problem.

    Is there really a controversy about any of these points? I'm having a hard time understanding what it might be.
  18. Scapper

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    Thanks for this link.

    One cannot negate the power of the mind.

    I've recently started doing deep emotional work, with the hopes of beginning to heal, so this website came at a perfect time for me.

    I've spent over 10 years focusing on the physical part of CFS with no results. I'm once again venturing back into the emotional component.

    Thanks.....I'm happy to hear you've gotten results :)