The Census Bureau Is Calling...God Help Us All

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by lgp, May 13, 2010.

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    I honestly cannot believe the level of..well I don't want to be mean and say stupidity..but I cannot think of another word to describe these people.

    I got a message two days ago from the census bureau asking me to call back and refer to a case number that they had provided. Since I had completed all the necessary forms and sent them back on a timely basis, I considered not returning the call, but I did the right thing and returned the call. Big mistake. Turns out they were not calling about us, but my father-in-law's residence one town over. I had completed the forms on his behalf in February and mailed them back on a timely basis as well. Unfortunately, my father-in-law passed away three weeks ago. They called here and asked to speak to him. When I twice informed the person that he had in fact passed away, she asked me twice after that when would be a good time to speak to him!!! Since I am still grieving for him, I was getting really upset. Then she asked for my mother-in-law, who is 95, in a nursing home, catatonic, and unable to speak. When I told the woman this, she then asked me (also twice) how she could be in touch with her!!

    She then went on to say that there may be additional questions, what would be a good time to call? Call who? What do you want to know? My husband grabbed the phone and told the person that he was power of attorney for both of them, if there were any questions ask them now, there would be no call backs. He then asked for a supervisor and they ulltimately closed out the file.

    I came home tonight, and my husband is laughing--he tells me they called again, this time about our form. Apparently, they absolutely could not understand that the twins were away at college, at two different schools, but that this is their primary residence. They explicitly asked questions pertaining to college students on the census, and we answered the questions completely and correctly!! They do not understand their own forms!! This is our tax money at work folks. I have never been so frightened in my life!!

    To think they cut 27 million dollars in aid to NYC for anti-terrorism funding, but they can pay these fools (and I am sure there are plenty of them) to call and ask stupid questions to which the answers they need are clearly in front of them! This, in my opinion, is patently ridiculous.

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    Dont get me started on the census mess or how the govt is abusing our tax dollars. Its ridiculous. I am sorry they upset you after losing your fil. Karma will get them.

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