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    Is everyone aware of The CFIDS Chronicle, and benefitting from it? I had just assumed they were, but maybe some of the newly diagnosed aren't.
    It's online as The CFIDS Association of America.They've been in the frofront of advacasy for years. ( you know what i mean... :) )
    frofont, indeed...
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    PANDORA is a FL based advocacy group, who won $20,000 from the Chase
    giveaway just last month. They are in the forefront for NeuroEndocrineImmune
    Diseases, including and especially CFS/M.E.

    They were instrumental in getting the NJ legislature to approve the building
    of a NeuroImmune disorders research and treatment center for patients.

    See them on FB.

    Also, the Whittemore Peterson Institute ( is a strong advocate
    for patients; the Founder, Annette Whittemore, has a severely disabled
    daughter, so she knows whereof she speaks, and she spoke at the last
    CFS Advisory Committee in May (See CFSAC at You could
    learn a lot about advocacy by reading the patient and research statements
    in the Archives there. The meetings of May and Oct '09, and May '10 are
    on YouTube, also. Talk about ADVOCACY!

    The next meeting in Oct will be VITAL to us ALL being advocates; please
    start preparing your Statements right now and keep checking, CFSAC,
    for the deadlines for Statements to the committee. Start now so you don't
    get under too much stress.

    Best to you all...
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    I thought you meant Pandora was an internet site So I put it in my browser and got Pandora radio station and was greeted by The Beatles! John singing "There are places I'll remember all my life..".
    I could not have been happier!
    I'm an old hippie! Thank you so much for the accidently wonderful suggestion! Now it's Andrea Bocelli! (pant, pant...)
    Ah , this is what life's about, truly! If there are things you can enjoy, even if you're screwed up in some way...!

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