The Challenges of Weightloss

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    Hello All!

    I'm currently a senior in college and at the end your time you must do this huge project called a Capstone. Well mine is based around marketing a weightloss product. My group and I have decided to target females who are looking to lose 10-20 pounds; the Final 15 we call it. For those individuals who are doing either mini goals or simply can't get those last few pounds off.

    Which brings me to my questions...we are trying to get insight and understand women who are trying to lose weight. If any of you could share anything with me I would greatly appreciate it. We want to know things that draw or attract you to programs such as JC or other products? What you look for in that program/product (safe, cost, the marketing message it sent out?) What you've tried in the past? What challenges you must overcome? The hardest part? Why did you want to lose weight? Did you seek out advice from your doctor? Is your doctor your gyno and not a general doctor? What household brands do you trust the most? (P&G, Johnson and Johnson, Bayer..etc)

    Anything you can share with me would be greatly appreciated

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    I would not trust any weight loss product.

    Anyone can lose weight if they start eating properly (no junk food, no white sugar, no white flour, no sodas, diet or otherwise, no white rice, no white potatoes, no fries etc.). Eat a lot of vegies, protein with each meal, low amount of whole grains, moderate fruit. Also no eating after dinner. Snacks can be nuts or string cheese or fruit - no chips!

    And exercise of course if one is able to do it. I can't exercise due to CFIDS, but strictly watch what I eat and I have managed to lose weight.

    Hope I don't offend you, but we really don't need another weight loss product. We need to start eating properly and get rid of sodas (including diet ones) and french fries!

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    There is a weight loss product I would endorse - much overeating is for emotional reasons which need to be addressed. So a hypnosis tape could help with that. Of course counseling etc. would help too, but hypnosis is supposed to be very effective for overeating.

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    What is so hard is that we get people here who don't read the rules about no surveys and no research surveys. Students come here forgetting that this is a board for us to help each other and instead students come here not wanting to become part of the board, but instead wanting something of us.

    I actually would like students to stop using the internet to do their school project in a fast super easy way. Instead I would ask you to do the foot work, meet with clinician/consumer focused groups, health information systems, etc. within your community, so that you actually have to put some work into it. It puts you face to face with people and is much more valuable than some weak attempt using an internet survey. And since you asked for people to share with you, I will. Ask yourself if the questions you have presented here are truly the very best questions for the huge college Capstone project you have undertaken, or are they more of high school level questions? They're more high school and far better questions could have been presented with this type of project.

    You have to decide whether you want to have your "huge" Capstone project to be the best with actual information that you interfaced with, or a half ass job on the internet. Remember, we don't care as it's not our project and the professor will know the difference.

    As to Capstone projects, many times they involve "clinically-relevant questions" that reach "colleagues" or consumers in the community. Did you really present questions that were clinically relevant considering that this is a "huge project called a Capstone" as you stated? Maybe go back to the drawing board for some better more in depth questions. Also health-related Capstone projects find the range of data as variable and needs to match with the clinical questions. Do you have your data sources pulled as you should have them too. Examples of data sources could include clinician/ consumer focused groups, patient registries, health information systems, benchmark indices and epidemiological data sets.

    Hit the library about Capstone projects.
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