the chat rooms are open and noone is there

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    Hi everyone. I know this is crazy alongtime ago I used to chat alot with people on the fibro chatroom. Now this year I decide to want to chat with people like myself who have fibro. So at first they were fixing it and now it is on. all is well with the chatrooms. But I find no one there on any of them. I think this is very odd. When before 2005 and 2004 and 2006 I could find lots of people on them.
    i do not know what happen between the years I did not use it. It is like everyone disappeared. i know they did not find a cure for this disease yet. So what happen? I know what happen to me and why I stoped chatting. My son moved back home and my husband whehn he is home he all ways asks whom I am speaking to and what do I say. I tell him I am speaking to other people that have fibro and he saids no you do not.
    Then my son moved back in and likes to watch dvd on the computer, listens to modern music (thankfully he does not listen to rap but he likes mental music) and he also does things for his Ged. wehich thankfully he is going to be done.
    He saids as soon as he is done he is going to be moving back up North.
    So when my 22 going on 23 year old son moves out I will be on the computer more. I will be sad becuse of his hyperness he picks up things and helps me around the house when he is bored. he dose things when I am at my partime job and moves things around. So alot of times I do not know where anything is. i am worried about him when he moves back up there.
    But at least the stress he cause and the distress he is allways causing between my husband and I. Hubby sides with son and tells me i swicthed to a very snotty angrey person overnight. I do not think i can use this word here but it is often used to discribe a female dog. Which happen after my son moved in. But he does not understand what I go through everyday. There is constant loud noise here. Sure my son dose not listen to his music alot but he talks loud constantly and dose noty listen to my opions when there is someroom in between his talking. Then when my husband gets home he talks more loudly with him because my husband is deft in one ear. They talk about me like if i am not there. Mostly about my work and theey way i am. Also about what will happen when I die and when will I die. wheather or not I live longer than my husband and what will happen if my husband dies first.
    I hear them talking on the porch when I am way over the otherside of the house. The computer is in the livingroom where the front pourch is off of.
    They get mad if i come out to ask them where something is or to get something down becuase my son arranges things for a six foot person and dose not consider that i am 4'8;.
    anyways i have to some complaining about what i go through everyday. desipt all this i still try to keep myself in a happy mood and have good opions on all the people i meet through out the day. It helps me to deal with the pain I have.
    Any ways where did the people that visit the chatrooms go?
    Now that another doctor that my husband believes saids I have the disease of fibromylgia He won't tell me I do not have it anymore. So i can chat again. really i mioss all of you and you really give me insite.
    anyways i have to get off the computer son is all most out of his college ged course and I do not want to get yelled at for being on my commputer when he gets home.
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    ive been going to the chat rooms for over 6 yrs now. ppl come and go. yes it used to be much busier. but the more popular our illness becomes, and the more desperate ppl become, the more chat rooms are opening. so i guess ppl are going elsewhere.

    but i still go, and ppl are there, only not as many. many times i find the rooms empty. but i still keep trying and sometimes i get lucky and there are lots there. it does happen.

    i usually go around 7pm, when im done in the kitchen., before my good tv shows come on. so look for me. that is eastern time zone.

    hugs joanie
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    Hi, The chat rooms were down for a while as the systems were reworked. Hopefully things will pick up again.

    I was very moved by the description of what you go through at home. That is a very negative enviroment, abusive really, which has to make you feel even sicker. Stress is no good for us!

    If you would like to set up a time to chat, I will certainly try to meet you in the chat room. We do need one another for support to live as best we can each day with FM.

    I do not get up till late afternoon but if that works for you just let me know.