The Cholesterol Myth (lots of confusion of there)

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    Subject: Cholesterol Myth

    I've been saying this for many years and still believe it more than ever...I have a new book on order: Primal Body, Primal Mind...the author dedicates a chapter to Dispelling the Cholesterol Myth...

    I've been involved with the Weston Price Foundation for a lot of years and they are huge in oil research and also talk about the cholesterol myth.
    Here is just one site and there are many:‎
    Statins are handed out as badly as anti depressants....

    My oil of choice is mostly coconut oil as is Weston

    Do your research as I have been doing mine for years and it continues but I'm closer and closer the believing it is a huge myth for MANY...
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    Know Your Fats

    I'm one who trusts Weston Price and all their research before I would trust the media world and pharma advice on oils.....we NEED good oils in our bodies for better overall health.
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    Reminder on Omega 3 vs Omega 6's....

    This is a reminder on the Omega Oils:
    It is important to have the proper ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 (another essential fatty acid) in the diet. Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation, and most omega-6 fatty acids tend to promote inflammation. The typical American diet tends to contain 14 - 25 times more omega-6 fatty acids than omega-3 fatty acids, which many nutritionally oriented physicians consider to be way too high on the omega-6 side.

    Source: Omega-3 fatty acids | University of Maryland Medical Center
    University of Maryland Medical Center
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    Bumping because of the good info from Jam on this.
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    JK, my MD is more concerned with homocystine as well, she still does cholesterol but I believe it's the homo that could be the levels were all up with my last test and I was pretty bad this past year with processed meats, I'm off them NOW..... to bring down my homo levels, I take Cardio B which my MD recommends.....

    It makes me just plain sick at the push for statins on so many who do not need to go that's pharma's route.... I think I have a separate post on statins here somewhere.....jam