The Climates out of Control

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bruin63, Jun 21, 2008.

  1. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Seem's like we went from crummy, wet soggy weather to Just plain HOT. overnight.

    I think the world is upside down these days, anyway.

    Just a lot of tragic events, lately, with the Flooding's,
    Earthquakes, and unbearable Heat,

    Thankgoodness both my Sis and I have AC in our bedrooms.
    I think the heat is still getting to me, so sleepy and tried, more than usual.

    Then I also have to deal with the Swelling, that I get, in my hands, feet, even my face at times, from the Heat.

    There are a lot of ways to cool off, and we use them, including a late dip in the Pool here in our Community Center.

    We do Check on, the Elderly ones that we know, who can't get out, due to disabilities. Fans, and water, for sure.

    If anyone wants to, they can go to the Rec. Room, it's got CAC. Not everyone here has AC, and in the afternoon's even thoes don't always help, so we head to the Rec Rm.

    I am looking for others to get some Card games going, there is a pool table, but with my arm, I cant shoot anymore, the DH plays tho.

    I am thinking of thinning out my Bookcase, and take some New Books down there, for others to read while there.

    They said on the TV, that, Senior Centers are encourageing people to come to their place's to cool off during the Hi-peak time, but it's just about as Hot in the Nighttime as the Daytime.

    Last year wasn't to bad, but Hoo Boy it's a Killer this time.

    If any of you have Friends or Neighbors, who need help with keeping cool and you can't get to them yourselves, you can contact the Red Cross, and Salvation Army, besides your Law Enforcement agencys.

    Drinking so much water, more that I usually do, is causing me horrible IBS pain, and etc.
    But I have a Blood test coming up next week , so this time it won't hurt so much when they do their "Draw".
    Blood will thicken if you don't drink water, I found out.

    Well I better go, just sitting here with the Comp. on makes me hot,
    seem's like electrical stuff, and Lights, give off heat, which I didn't notice before FMS,

    Stay Cool,
  2. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    For all the suffering that is going on but glad you have some you say that is not available to many.

    I take a very very cheap pill called Clidinium for the IBS that works very well to counteract the over watering situation. I pay $12 cash for a month's supply, take one at bedtime. IT also helps the aches and helps sleep too as it has a tad of librax in it. It is prescription only.

    Take care, good idea about the books-maybe you could start something like read aloud times as some older folk cannot read much, start reading chapters out loud? Love Annie
  3. Juloo

    Juloo Member

    And I don't know how she does it without air conditioning. Her apartment is so hot! The last time we went out to visit, the temperature outside was 108, and that was only in early June. She tries to be careful of her electrical useage because everything is so expensive, but I just hope she is being CAREFUL.
  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    That heat wave was the pits. I was really wiped out.

    Today was in the 80s and felt wonderful. Come back to the board. We really miss your posts.

    My oldest son is moving to Portland in 2 weeks so I guess I'll be doing some flying to visit him.

    I paint plein aire every tuesday and loving it. I'm going to start another tile project soon......just for me. Are you watching.....So you think you can dance?

    Did you know I have a 3 month old granddaughter? She's the most beautiful, but I'm prejudiced. I had double pneumonia in March and April so she was already 5 weeks old when I got to meet her. Bummer.
  5. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    Yes I am enjoying the Cooler weather.
    The other day, I had to use my Scooter to get to my Pain Nusre's appt.
    It was very cool, in Long Beach, and it was like an Oven just a few miles down, where I live, I miss that Ocean Breezee.

    Uh,I have lost my pw, and have been looking for it, as the DH & I have been getting rid of the Huge amount of paperwork, mine, my mom's, his Mothers, she Passed away a copule of Months ago.
    Living in a Mobile Home, it's wise to not keep to much paper around,,{:0]

    My life is such a mess right now, that I often wonder if I'll ever get some relief
    Hate crying about my problem so much, you know?
    It's hard to be supportive, when things are so upside down.
    It's hard to not Be Able to support others, you do know what I mean, I think. :eek:}

    Hug's to All
    sharonk[This Message was Edited on 06/26/2008]
  6. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    What's a PW?

    Yes, we all understand how our pain and suffering can get us down.

    Did you know that Joy's husband passed suddenly a couple of months ago? She's coping with the loss though.

    And I'm really enjoying me new little granddaughter, Shelby, who will be 4 months July ll. What a blessing she is. And on July 3 my Mom will have been gone l year. My oldest son is moving to Portland in 2 weeks, and I'm really going to miss him.

    I hope things are better with your son.

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