The Complete Story

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    The Complete Story
    Read: Revelation 1:1-8

    Behold, He is coming with clouds, and every eye will see Him, even they who pierced Him. —Revelation 1:7


    At this time of year we think about the birth of the Savior. The events of His birth are of vital importance, yet we would do well to reflect also on His earthly ministry, sacrificial death, resurrection, ascension, and promised return. Our redemption would be incomplete if any element were missing. It is fitting, therefore, to share with you a poem by L. W. Beckley titled, "The Rest of the Story."

    We are wont to sing of shepherds
    And the heavenly glory bright,
    Of angels and their message
    On that peaceful, holy night.

    But so oft we end the story
    When 'tis only just begun,
    For we fail to give the message
    That this Child is God the Son.

    Here to give Himself a ransom,
    Crucified on Calvary's tree,
    Through His blood providing pardon,
    Perfect cleansing, full and free.

    And the tomb, thank God, is empty;
    Jesus sits at God's right hand
    Now a loving, mighty Savior;
    Spread the news to every land!

    The One born in Bethlehem was none other than God in human flesh. Having lived a perfect life, He died an awful death to pay the price for the sins of mankind. Now He's in heaven, and any day He could return. How wonderful to know the complete story! —Richard De Haan

    The birth of Christ brought God to man;
    the cross of Christ brings man to God.
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    Unknowns in life are everywhere. We live with unknowns every day. Anything can happen to us. Anything from accidents, good fortune, or mistakes that hurt us. The worst thing to happen to us is death...whether it is our death or the death of others. Before Jesus came to earth, mankind could not see past death. In many ways, we still cannot see past death. We get reports about it. We hear people recount their near death experiences, but we still know very little about what we will experience beyond our last breath. However, we do know some things. We know we can survive death in our spirit. We know we have the ability to reach Heaven. We know that the decision we make to accept Christ into our heart and life assures us of His promise of living with Him for eternity. We never know how or when death is going to come upon any of us and we need to be ready.

    Thank You so much Danny for posting such a beautiful poem,

    Many Blessings to you, Judy