The Cross

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    At times I felt I could not clearly see
    I was unsure if not a dream
    He looked so tired yet walked on
    Blood and pain from a thorn made crown
    Just another way of mocking Him
    Stripes glistening in the early sun
    Flesh jagged and ripped from its place
    Look upon a face thought to be that of a man
    Yet marred not to be clearly seen
    Looking, trying to see upon His Back
    Love moved on down that dusty road
    Its eyes fixed toward Heaven
    I knew that none could stop this journey
    Love had chosen a path
    This it would follow until the end
    Now it becomes clear upon His Back
    It was I that He carried
    I was His Cross

    " I would like you to be free from concern."
    1 Corinthians 7:32

    He bore the weight of our sins on that cross. Praise the Lord for His pain has set us free! With His love we can remain unburdened in this world and happy for eternity.

    It is You that I worship, it is You that adore....My Father, my Lord

    In faith,
    C J
  2. Takesha

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    " And it was love that moved down that dusty road"

    These days with all the media and hype we forget what love looks like...this is/was/ and forever will be the "look of Love".

    "I knew that none could stop this journery"
    It was an amazing thing that the one person EVER who could have decided to change the course of his life, did nothing to do that. He had made His choice and stuck to it. I don't think that in His human form it was any easier for him than you and I, after all Didn't he ask that if it were possible that the cup be removed from Him. I think in modern day language He was saying "DAAADDD, do I have too?" and when the Father said...there is no other way, he said okay..Thy will not mine.
    Love is something we choose to do, we don't have to, we could be "ate up" with bitterness, hate, prejudice etc etc, but loving is a choice we all make every day. sometimes we I really get tee'd off, I think I don't have to love you but I am going to choose to, and then I try to match my actions to my decisions.
    Thank you for sharing CJ, I was hoping that you would start posting again. We are all pieces of the puzzle, and we aren't complete with out your unique piece being added.
    I really enjoyed this.....Hugs to you.

  3. TiffanyL

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    Thank you for that beautiful poem and the reminder of how much God loved us. So much that He sacrificed His only son. This sacrifice was even made more evident to me when I had my own son. Thank you Jesus for dieing on the cross for me.
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    You guys are the best at posting these incredible poems!
    You always bring a smile, or tear to my heart!

    Thank you,
  5. orionshines94

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    C. J. I saved this poem. How presious it is. Praise God. God Bless You, Sheila