The D.B. Cooper case solved?

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    D.B. Cooper parachuted from a plane w/ $200,000 37 years ago. This crime has been the subject of jokes, speculation and tv shows for decades.

    News about finding a parachute which might be Cooper's has been on the net the last couple days.

    Apparently no one who works for any news media or the FBI has ever read the book "The Real McCoy". It was written by an ex FBI agent and a federal probation officer 20 years after the crime.

    They say D.B. Cooper was really Richard McCoy, a Mormon Sunday School teacher, who repeated the crime a year later and got even more money.

    He also got caught, sentenced, escaped and died in a shoot out w/ the FBI a few years later.

    There is a site on the net which says the FBI doesn't want the crime solved. (Another conspiracy theory, I suspose.

    Wouldn't it be fun to go back in time w/ a video camera and film what actually happened at all the mysterious doings of the past: The Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations, the OK coral, Jimmy Hoffa and O.J.Simpson. Well, you can make your own list.

    My inquiring mind wants to know.

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    I would love to video the Bonnie and Clyde days. I just have to think that their lives were really exciting. All the movies made them out to look like the good guys almost, even thought they killed numerous innocent people.

    I would also like to video tape Jesus walking with his cross. I don't think I could have standed to sit back and watch though, I would of had to go help him somehow.

    Good thread Rock
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    Well, it would sure make for some blockbuster TV ratings if we could videotape and broadcast events such as:

    The building of the pyramids

    The Vikings discover America

    The seven wonders of the ancient world.

    Mickey, last year I read the epitaph of Bonnie Parker. I'd give you the site if I had it. Whoever wrote it must have been thinking of some other Bonnie Parker.

    Clyde Barrow and Bonnie are mentioned in the book I am reading called "The Way West". They are buried in separate cemeteries in Dallas, Texas. The Parker family would not allow their little girl (she was under 5 feet tall) to be buried w/ that rough hoodlum.

  4. fivesue

    fivesue New Member reported to be a different kind than used by DB Cooper. So, another twist in the story.

    I would love to have a video of this incident and so many others. I remember the headlines about DB when it happened...what a story it was and still is for that matter.


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    Wouldn't it be fun to have a Video Party of all the unsolved Mysteries and all the doings of our Outlaw ancesters!,,,,,,,,I Would love to watch them with everyone eles here!

    One that comes to mind is "The Battle of Custers last stand",,,,,with more than a reportedly 300 Native American Warriors in all their Battle Gear!,,,,,

    That Battle feild

    is Located in MT. have been there a few times,,,,,and also the famous Buffalo Jumps are also a site to see!

    Kool Post Mr Rock!,,,,,Sis
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    I am so amazed at how knowledgeable you are. That is just awesome to know that. I did not know she was that little.

    Thanks Rock. I am still on the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins. I am on book number 12, Glorious Appearing. I am not a real religious person or anything, but these books are so interesting. I guess I shouldn't say I am not religious. I am catholic and i do go to church (sometimes) and i do believe in God so I guess i am religious, Duh.............

    Anyway, I can't put these books down. I heard there is a movie out about the left behind. I will have to rent that when I am done.
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    I read somewhre that we are all related to Attilla the Hun-I guess some of us at least got the better genes!!!

    Love Annie
  8. ckball

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    Heraldo Riveria opened Al Capones secret vault and it was empty? I can't beleive they did it live, poor Heraldo, I felt so sorry for him but why wouldn't they look BEFORE to make sure there was somthing to show? Thanks about the info about Cooper I had forgotten about it but now remember when it happened. Carla
  9. kholmes

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    Rock, if I could, I would videotape:

    the great Jesse James Northfield bank raid

    the assembly of Stonehenge

    the Big Bang