The dangers of Round Up

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    Stay away from roundup.
    It has been known for many years that Roundup (Monsanto) is quite toxic to mitochondrial function. It causes increased permeability, that means depolarization. ATP synthesis is affected. One study (in rats but we are no different) showed that Roundup depresses state 3 respiration by about 40%. Uncoupled respiratory activity is depressed through partial inhibition of mitochondrial complexes II and III, but not of complex IV.

    Peixoto F.
    Comparative effects of the Roundup and glyphosate on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation.
    Chemosphere. 2005 Dec;61(8):1115-22.

    Roundup is not just glyphosate. It is Roundup that is most toxic to mitochondria.

    Part of the problem for us is that no decent studies are done on humans, lots of studies on insects and other animals, a recent study (last month) showed that Roundup is quite toxic to earthworms and renders them "weak and fatigued". Now what does that tell you?

    There are many other herbicides and pesticides which affect energy production, another common one is dicamba, used for selective spraying to kill broad leafed weeds on lawns etc.

    MAIN RULE: stay well away from ALL pesticides.

    In fact a company developed a toxicity assay to test "new chemical" by exposing them to human mitochondrial subunits. So human mitochondria are being used to test these chemicals but we still have very low levels of research into their effects on function and disease. Agricultural economics is much more valuable than your health or life. Its just a trade off really.
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    Roundup has caused Monsanto to develop wheat strains which are immune to it. This wheat appears to cause health problems as well. Our landscapers use Roundup en masse on our property. I've told them not to use it around our bldg. I spray Weed B Gone, which is likely no better, but I get up close to the week and target only it. Or, I simply pull the weed out if possible. The landscapers use Roundup like water.

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